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    I know, Summer is just a season … well arguably much more than just a season … but it most definitely does mess with the stylish funk of everyone’s interiors and so we will call it a trend. Suddenly we have to think of bright colours, glare, ventilation, preventing fading fabrics and garden furniture!!

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    As always, we must stress the role of lighting in a classy environment, however, with the skies a little clearer and the Sun a little brighter we are sure you will start to notice southern facing windows (assuming you live in the northern hemisphere) getting brighter and more hard hitting upon your rooms.

    [caption id="attachment_1004" align="aligncenter" width="1800"]Summer rays can really become annoying Summer rays can really become annoying[/caption]

    This impact can seriously hinder your suave style by creating shadowy corners and eye-burning reflections. Make sure to place mirrors out of direct sunlight (also preventing that odd patch of light from the reflection) and perhaps keep darker pieces out of the light to avoid that searing hot seat.


    As you can tell, one of our focuses is how the Sun becomes too intense and messes with everything.

    [caption id="attachment_1005" align="aligncenter" width="427"]look at that fading!! look at that fading!![/caption]

    It doesn’t take as long as you think for your furniture to discolour or darken in intense sunlight. This is natural and will inevitably happen to everyone... But Keep an eye out for anything you will need to look fresh, sitting in the heat as you can add a few years to its life by avoiding those rays.

    [caption id="attachment_858" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]A good placement of furniture to prevent fading A good placement of furniture to prevent fading[/caption]


    Despite all the beaming rays and stuffy rooms, this time of year is amazing and it welcomes the return of lazy days outside on the garden furniture.

    [caption id="attachment_1006" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Take a stroll outside and garden! Take a stroll outside and garden![/caption]

    Select a few comfy pieces from our range of outdoor furnishings, decorate with some accessories and finish with ice cold lemonade.

    Tan isn’t just for you

    A Final thought; tan colours, beiges and neutrals are everything right now, they exude class and an edgy modern style. Be sure to explore some of these new trends over the season as they work splendidly in the warm weather to give a holiday feel.

    101st post! Fern xx

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