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  1. Un bel endroit

    A phenomenal place!   Paris; the land of food, drink and fragrance! A perfect getaway for a weekend or (hopefully) longer. A couple of our fabulous Crown French team have enjoyed travelling to Paris for vacations this year and they have all come back with huge smiles on their faces. 20141027_160243 ‘Exquisite, beautiful and refined at every corner’ is just a few of the ways that the city was described; I think it’s safe to say they have a great time. But why wouldn’t they – it’s phenomenal, the city oozes gothic architecture almost everywhere you go and with such intricate details, you cannot help but have your breath taken away.   It’s without doubt a worthwhile trip. There is so much to see in the city without even having untitledto travel too far; French rulers dating all the way back to the middle-ages have each given the city their own stamp of style, and of course there are plenty of extraordinary monuments and attractions to visit all within walking distance or just a short travel.   Staying in Paris doesn’t even have to be that expensive. The team have given me plenty of tips to save extra money to spend on the experience and here are a few:20141028_111421  
    1. Hotels – If you are looking to cut the cost of the hotel so you can spend more in the city why not look into booking a hostel, Paris is full of gorgeous hostels with friendly staff and still fabulous rooms.
    2. Trains – Travel on the Euro Star with the best prices early in the morning or late night, it’s a short and quiet ride from London so you can relax on your way and be fully charged for the day.
    3. Research – Looking into restaurants and attractions can be a real bonus. Often you might find online discounts, or ticket booking options to skip the queues when you get there.Eiffel Tower
    Our favourite places: Sainte Chappelle The Louvre The Eiffel Tower The Picasso Museum

    You can never be at a loss in this beautiful city. We have a true love for it.

    Fern xx

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