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  • How to choose the right French style bed for you

    When it comes to French style beds, choosing the right one for you and your sleep space can be tricky. There are many different designs to choose from - all of which exude French style and flair.

    To help you suss out which type of French bed would best suit you and your home, keep reading.

    Create an authentic vibe with a rattan

    If you’re keen to give your boudoir a totally authentic French vibe, perhaps a rattan style bed is the best match for you. This type of bed boasts a large, curved headboard and footboard, as well as beautifully carved sides, allowing you to make a true style statement in this room. Look out for designs with intricate detailing at the tip of the headboard and legs for a little extra ooh la la.

    Usually, rattan beds are made from strong, sturdy materials, such as solid oak or oak veneer, complete with a soft sheen lacquer finish. Aside from rustic wood shades, we offer rattan frames that have been painted in hues like pure white and soft ivory - the ideal colour choices if you’re looking to give your bedroom a fresh, clean look and feel.

    Keep it classy with an upholstered design

    For a French style bed with class, why not go for an upholstered design? This style of frame often features a soft, padded headboard which has been covered in luxurious fabric. In most cases, the fabric will look ‘buttoned’, giving the bed a stylish and sophisticated appearance. At Crown French Furniture, we also offer frames which have been designed with both an upholstered headboard and footboard section - the perfect choice if you want to transform your bedroom into a boudoir.

    Aside from the upholstered element, this style of bed usually features a wealth of other stunning features. You can take your pick from designs with sloping headboards, as well as models with beautifully curved legs and sides.

    Make a statement with a carved antique model

    To create a charming, classically French bedroom design, a carved antique model is your best bet. With elegant carved detailing on the headboard, sides and footboard, this style of bed frame is traditionally French in appearance.

    So that you can get your decor spot on, look out for designs that have been painted white and have been gently aged to give the frame a slightly distressed look and feel. To complete the room, you can pair the bed with other Provencal style pieces, such as an antique themed wardrobe or bedside cabinet.

    Combine old and new with a venetian bed frame

    If you like the rustic flair of French decor but you’re keen to keep your sleep space looking cool and contemporary, a venetian bed frame could be ideal. The shape of this bed provides a vintage look and feel, while its high mirrored headboard and low footboard exclude modernity, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to combining old and new.

    The mirrored effect of this style of bed frame can help uplift darker rooms, while adding an element of elegance and sophistication. Venetian style beds are perfect when matched with similar furnishings, such as a mirrored bedside table, chest of drawers or dresser.

    Which style of bed do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  • New Season Additions

    We have been busy bees... Our latest additions to the Beaulieu collection have been finally uploaded to our store and is available to view.

    Designed exclusively by our team at Crown French Furniture, the collection holds a truly ardent ambience that add to the extraordinary narrative of the French influences it was designed from, inducing concepts from 17th and 18th Century regal designs.

    Glamorous Gilt

    Oozing luxury from every angle the revisited Beaulieu bed is upholstered in a light pink champagne damask velvet fabric, and is finished in a subtle antique gold painted finish.

    Elegant carved details add to the majestic feel of this piece and complement the unique shape and finishes of the bed, all done while exuding regal undertones of flamboyant Parisian razzle-dazzle with a modern, refined approach.

    beaulieu_gold_upholstered_french_bed Beaulieu Gold Painted French Bed

    Simply Chic

    A simple minimalist design for the contemporary cynosure. Finished in rattan this variation has a subtle elegance that is truly wonderful. A smooth painted finish adds to the clean lines of this sophisticated piece.

    Beaulieu French Rattan Bed Beaulieu French Rattan Bed

    A beautiful button upholstered headboard give this addition a heavier elegance that could work perfectly in eclectic style bedrooms or as part of the Beaulieu set.

    Beaulieu Antique White Upholstered French Bed Beaulieu Antique White Upholstered French Bed

    Classic Elegance

    Our gorgeous inspiration for the collection - our original design encompasses ornate carved details, majestic curves and stunning velvet/linen fabric.

    Beaulieu Upholstered French Style Bed Beaulieu Upholstered French Style Bed

    All designed exclusively by Crown French Furniture the Beaulieu collection offers a subtle yet elegant finish to any room. Bespoke! This range can be finished in a plethora of colours and upholstered items can also be upholstered in different fabrics for you to create that dream bedroom to be cherished forever.


  • A New Look

    Our gorgeous NEW Beaulieu bed has just arrived in our showroom and we are truly in love with it.

    We have always said 'The perfect sanctuary of sleep begins with choosing the right bed' and as Tina Gaudoin pointed out in Elle Decoration mag "It's a given that most of us love being in bed." With the average person spending over a third of their life sleeping we could see the importance of creating a bed that will enrich this time.

    For many years people have been trying to create that gorgeous French boudoir and have been demanding a range of gold, silver, white, grey and many more finishes to give an uplifting yet subtle appeal to our traditional reproduced furniture.

    Our latest endeavour therefore lead us to design a bed which has been finished majestically in a glamorous antique gold paint. Exuding regal undertones of flamboyant Parisian razzle-dazzle.

    beaulieu_bed_1 edit - google plus

    A light distressing and a stunning light Velvet fabric enriches this masterpiece with elegance and sophistication.

    Contrasting to our standard Beaulieu collection which is finished in an off-white finish for a more contemporary and neutral appeal, the revisited gold Beaulieu bed holds a more traditional and tranquil ambience. beaulieu_french_bed_set_image_1

    We are aiming for the gold Beaulieu bed to be live on our website soon with a few professional photographs to capture the true beauty of the piece.

    But for now you can always check out our standard Beaulieu collection or enquire with our sales team to reserve one. -The Gold version will be the same price as the standard Beaulieu bed...

    We'd love to hear your thoughts so feel free to let us know your opinions by commenting on our blog or social media posts!

    Fern xx

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  • New Beaulieu Collection

    Designed exclusively by Crown French Furniture artistes, our Beaulieu collection brings sophisticated French style designs and elegant finishes to any home. A subtle yet elegant collection the Beaulieu range offers stunning dining and bedroom furniture that can be made completely bespoke and finished in a plethora of colours including gold and silver. Add a personal touch by sending your own fabric for upholstered items and create the piece perfect for your individual interior design. Inducing 17th and 18th century furniture style, the Beaulieu collection holds opulent regal undertones that look fabulous in any modern or traditional setting.


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