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    Inspired by ancient heroic outlaw, Nottingham is bringing locals a fantastic opportunity to raise money and awareness for charities across the UK such as Scope Disability, Virgin Money Giving and other charities of your own choice this nottingham-centreweekend. The Robin Hood Marathon helps raise money and awareness for charities across the UK by gaining sponsorships and donations for completing a fantastic course set around the heart of Nottingham. Routing them along some of the most scenic routes in the area tracks run alongside the river Trent, famous for its scenic glory and past Nottingham Castle, rich with Nottinghamshire heritage dating back to 1067 and home to the Sheriff of Nottingham Robin Hoodwhere Robin Hood would cause mayhem to help people in need; inspiring many campaigners to take part dressed as the legend this year. Anybody is able to spectate the fabulous event taking place on the 28th September.  

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