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    The Crown French Furniture Team went to Screencity's network gathering on Tuesday evening at Hopkinson. There they met a group of representatives from various other companies and charities which are situated within Nottingham. It was really nice for the team to meet some lovely people and to hear what they had to offer. Hopkinson1 Whilst they were there they has the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Drysdale also known as Miss Nottingham. The guys took great interest in The Barefoot Walk and shall hopefully be taking part this year! We are also considering the #Barefootselfie. Award winning Nottingham film maker Raj Pathak from We Are Heroes Films was also present at the meeting and we shall hopefully be in touch with him in the near feature! The Crown French guys said: "We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, it was really good to be given the opportunity to meet all the people that attended." Just in case you were wondering who Screencity were, they are a team which "promote the best Nottingham has to offer and help you showcase your business." And I add, they do a fabulous job of doing so. Hopkinson4 A big thank you goes out to Screencity for our invitation and we hope to see you all again very soon! Fern xx screencitymagenta

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