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    It's officially spring! It's such a wonderful time of the year, the gardens start to take shape, trees blossom and the weather gives us a little extra warmth everyday. This weekend you might be aware that it's the largest dog show in the world - yes that's right it's  Crufts 2015! We're all dog lovers in the office so we've been checking out all the latest shows and events. Nearly 21,500 dogs have been competing in Birmingham this year from all over the world, including dogs from South Africa and South Korea for the first time. There are so many different competitions going of  it's really great to see the dogs in action and enjoying doing their bit._81417985_dogs The whole competition started with Charles Cruft in 1886 after he travelled to numerous dog shows as a dog biscuit salesman and saw a gap in the market for a better standard of dog show. This year their are 332 more dogs competing than last year and the event has already been highly successful. This year there has been a lot of dog accessories on show with coats, harnesses and collars custom designed and inspiring. We've listed a variety of animal themed accessories on our website recently to celebrate the great event and they look stunning. Also a sneaky spoiler - we've got a whole new collection of gifts and accessories that will be added to our new website. It's going to be live soon so keep an eye out for it because it is absolutely beautiful. http://www.crownfrenchfurniture.co.uk/gifts-accessories.html ATC092     OJT083CSG003

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