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  1. What is an armoire?

    What is an armoire? 

    When it comes to bedroom storage that is both stylish and practical, it’s hard to beat armoires. Combining shelving and hanging space in one compact item, armoires are highly versatile. However, despite being a household staple for four centuries, these unique items of furniture had fallen out of favour in recent decades. Fortunately, armoires are beginning to make a comeback.

    But what are armoires? How do they differ from regular wardrobes? And are these traditional items finally back in style? In this handy blog, Crown French answers all of these questions and more as we provide our ultimate guide to armoires.

    What is the difference between a wardrobe and an armoire?

    In simple terms, an armoire is a sophisticated type of wardrobe that can serve several purposes. Whereas wardrobes are freestanding storage units that are usually designed mainly for hanging clothes, armoires often contain shelves and drawers in addition to hanging rails. This means, unlike wardrobes, armoires have a range of different uses and tend to be larger and more ornate.

    What is an armoire used for? 

    Traditionally, armoires were used to store weapons and armour. This explains their larger interiors and typically heavier structures. Nowadays however, armoires are commonly used to store clothing, as well as act as ornate entertainment centres. Thanks to their larger size, closing doors and hidden shelving, armoires are perfect for housing televisions and other electronic equipment. The wardrobe-esque doors of these items of furniture mean devices are immediately accessible, while also being easily hidden when not in use. This allows for traditional interiors to be created without having to compromise on the modern essentials you include in your bedroom. 

    Types of armoire

    Although all serve similar functions, there are three main types of armoire. These are:

    -       Wardrobe armoires
    As the name suggests, these items are used to store and organise clothing. Wardrobe armoires usually contain hanging rods and drawers designed to keep clothes and accessories neatly stored away.

    -       Non-hanging armoires
    Non-hanging armoires do not include hanging rails and instead make use of shelving, cubby holes and drawers. They are sometimes smaller than regular armoires and are ideal for organising accessories.

    TV armoires
    These items are used as ornate entertainment units rather than for clothes storage. TVs, stereo systems and games consoles can be housed in these items. As mentioned earlier, the beauty of TV armoires is that when you are not using your electronic devices, they can be neatly tucked away.

    Benefits of armoires 

    Whether you’re looking for a unique piece of furniture for your bedroom or lounge, an armoire could fit the bill. These traditional items boast a wide range of benefits, including: 

    -       They are ideal for storage
    Large and multi-purpose by nature, armoires are primarily designed to provide a practical yet stylish storage unit. From clothing and accessories to electronics and books, armoires can be used to store almost any household item.

    -       They are statement pieces
    Aside from being practical, an armoire can be used as a centrepiece in any room. These stylish items should be used to add to the aesthetic of a room, not just fit in. Whether you opt for a contemporary mirrored armoire or a traditional hardwood model with ornate detailing, remember that your armoire can be used to anchor the look of an entire room.

    -       They are versatile
    As we have touched on already, these items are easily customisable. You can choose from additional hanging rails, or opt for more shelving or drawers. With a wide range of uses, there is an armoire for practically any purpose. This means they can be used in any room of the home. 

    Are armoires out of style?

    While it’s true that armoires have been out of favour in recent years with those who favour more contemporary furniture, the versatility of armoires mean they never really go out of style. No longer restricted to clothes storage, armoires are now being used as wonderful storage pieces for everything from TVs and games consoles to books, toys, handbags and shoes. With the introduction of more modern designs which still utilise the space and versatility of traditional armoires, the truth is, these once essential items of furniture are beginning to experience somewhat of deserved revival. Check out Crown French’s range of armoires and wardrobes to find the perfect item for your home today!

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