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  1. How to choose a chandelier

    No matter whether you’re looking for the perfect new light fixture to set the tone in your hallway or foyer or an elegant main light to grace your kitchen or dining room, chandeliers are a classy choice that can create a functional focal point for any setting.

    From traditional crystal styles to modern and contemporary metallic options of all sizes, chandeliers are no longer limited to country homes or traditional aesthetics. However, choosing the right chandelier for your home is not always an easy task. In order to help you narrow down your search, we have put together this handy guide. Read on for our top tips.

    How to choose a chandelier style

    When choosing a style of chandelier, the most important factors to consider are which room you are planning on hanging it from, and the interior design of the room in question, and the size of your room. After all, as well as providing a useful source of light for a certain room, the style, size and function of a certain space will help you to determine what type of chandelier style will work best.

    Firstly, it’s important to choose the right size light for your room. Although there will be a little wiggle room when it comes to sizes, the calculation below can provide a good rule of thumb.

    Length of room (feet) + Width of room (feet) = diameter/width of chandelier (inches).

    This is to say, if you’re looking for a chandelier for a room which is 10 feet long by 15 feet wide, a chandelier with a 25-inch diameter would look proportionate.

    When it comes to style and aesthetic, this will be more down to personal preference. However, the function of the room may also play a role. For example, for hallways and living rooms, larger, more elaborate lighting fixtures may be the best option as you look to create a beautiful focal point. However, on the other hand, if you are looking for the ideal ceiling light for a kitchen or dining room, a more understated and functional chandelier may provide a better option.

    Below we explore in more detail the main factors you may want to consider when choosing the perfect chandelier for a number of different rooms.

    How to choose a chandelier for a living room

    For many homes, the living room represents the most frequently used room of the house. With a primary function of providing you and your family with a place to relax and spend time with loved ones, this high traffic area is the perfect place to make your own in terms of aesthetic and style.

    Whether your living room displays a traditional or contemporary interior style, a chandelier that acts as the main focal point of the entire living area has the power to complete the look you are going for. Remember, chandeliers are never going to be quiet and totally understated - they are, by definition, glamorous and bold. With this in mind, think big when it comes to your living room lighting. Make a grand statement with an ornate, gilt mounted ceiling light or complete your dream contemporary living space with a super-modern sputnik-style chandelier.

    How to choose a chandelier for a dining room

    When it comes to choosing a chandelier for a dining room, there are three main factors to consider. These are:

    • Chandelier size - Choosing the right chandelier size for a dining room is essential. You need to avoid overwhelming the space above your table without selecting a light that is too small and doesn’t make a statement. The calculation above should be used here.
    • Table size - Aside from overall room size, the dimensions of your dining table also need to be considered. Ideally, you want the chandelier to be perfectly proportioned in relation to the table. In order to do this, a good rule of thumb is to make sure your chandelier is sized between one half and three quarters the width of your table. It’s also important to think about chord/chain length. Typically, the bottom of the chandelier should be around 30 inches above the table.
    • Style - When it comes to style, keep it simple and choose a chandelier that matches the decor of your dining room. While these lighting features should always make a statement, the best utilised chandeliers will not only act as a focal point for your dining area, they also tie the entire room together.

    How to choose a chandelier for a foyer

    Once again, when choosing a chandelier for a foyer, the main factors to consider are the scale of the space and the style of the area. However, unlike when you are selecting lighting for other areas of the home, the actual design and architecture of your house may need to be taken into consideration.

    This is to say, if your foyer is tall with a high ceiling, all vertical space should be taken into account. In this instance, a large pendant chandelier that catches the eye early while still fitting in with the architecture of the home may be the best way to go. On the other hand, a small foyer with lower ceilings may be better served with a small ceiling-mounted chandelier or light fixture, rather than a hanging chandelier.

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