New Year's Eve and New Storage Solutions

Goodbye 2015 January is fast approaching and it seems like only yesterday were we opening the first door of our advent calendars. Thankfully, Christmas is behind us and all the stress can be forgotten for another 364 days, now we face the task of boxing up all that merriment and stuffing it into places no one will look. We offer you comfort in the knowledge that there is always enough room, so pull down your tree and turn off the fairy lights; here are some storage solutions to brighten up the whole experience. Storage Sideboards are aggressively underrated as they offer a discreet opportunity for storage, perfect across hallways they can be placed in areas that would be impractical for other pieces and can be used to present accessories on top of them. One of our many inspired sideboards is the weathered oak French sideboard, deserving of a mention it boasts a warm tone to drive off the winter chill. Storage Additional room can be found in the form of an armoire, they are grand pieces that produce a stunning, powerful presence to a room. Although they are not as subtle as a sideboard it is perfect for storage as they have an abundance of space and pull together bedroom styles with ease. Storage Finally, display cabinets, working alongside armoires they offer a great amount of storage and an eye-catching unit for any room. These, however, tend to be more stylish, offering transparent doors and sophisticated shelving they offer a sleek alternative. Storage A New Year, a New Range Here at Crown French Furniture we are welcoming 2016 with open arms and are introducing a fresh face into our range in the form of Tuscan furniture. Inspired by Tuscany, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, it offers warm tones from the solid oak and creates a truly homely feel, however this is contrasted by the more modern influences and recessed chrome polish handles. Each piece is unique with natural wood knots and hand planed edges, offering a simplistic style, this beautiful range bridges the gap between classic and contemporary styles. Storage The Next 12 Months Looking forward to the up-coming year, it is present that shabby chic and simplistic style is on the rise. The already popular design techniques are now becoming icons of the modern home, and although Winter is still hanging over us, Spring is just on the horizon and it is time to start envisioning your ideal interior. These designs offer inspiration to most and will accentuate your older pieces, bringing your house together and making Spring cleaning all the more rewarding. Storage Additionally, our pieces will last you a lifetime and so we highly recommend taking your dream home into your own hands as soon as possible, renew your style for 2016.   Happy new-year!

Fern xx

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