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February is here - Lovely! It’s the month where we finally move on from the aftermath of Christmas and start preparing for Spring… Although we’re not out of the cost winter weather yet, the nights are starting to get a little lighter, it’s a tiny bit milder in the mornings and it’s enabling me to actually get out of bed a little easier. :))tumblr_lyp1vj0gEc1qzpbqr So whats been happening?! Well, I’ve been to a number of furniture fares recently and they’ve been truly fabulous. Anthea, director and myself have both been attending and scoping out some new interior design ideas, new products to offer our amazing customers and any inspiration we can lay our hands on to achieve a phenomenal 2015 home. It’s sure to be a beautiful year of design! In other news Fabulous Places has confirmed that their spectacular Spring Market will be hosted on Sunday 8th of March. Taking place in the Roundhouse, Derby - a beautiful venue as the worlds first and oldest surviving railway roadhouse that was originally developed in 1839. I love this event and it’s without doubt worth travelling for. They have an abundance of wonderful quirky products, hand-crafted designs and gorgeous refreshments. You can check out their website here: Of course…. I’ve saved the best ‘till last!! Our team are currently working to develop a brand new website. It should be live from the end of February and it looks incredible. We’ve included features to ensure every detail you could possibly need is available to you and the design as a whole is beautiful…. I guess you’ll just have to wait and look forward to seeing the final product when it’s complete and live. PS. I’m not sorry for the teaser! :))

Fern xx

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