French Dining Tables - Tis the Season

Christmas time draws near and we want to do our best to spread joy to others, through gift giving and holiday cheer the festive period becomes exactly that, festive. Families join together over one table to share a feast and swap stories from the year that’s passed, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Every December we hope our celebrations will go smoothly, however, this is rarely the case. Never fear, we are providing the answers to solve any and all of your furniture crises over the holiday period. Setting the Table The centre piece to any holiday is where the food will be laid; ranging from rustic to royal we see an array of beautiful French dining tables that will light up your Christmas tree and set the merry tone, whether you are aiming for the flash and flamboyance of a spectacular gathering or if you wish for a more traditional and authentic feel this season, there is a piece waiting for you. We offer furniture for every style yet we know it’s hard not to go all out this winter so here are my personal recommendations as two opposite ends of the spectrum, vintage and suave. Our Louis French dining tables are an exquisite example of classic French design under Louis XV. The piece offers a range of materials for the solid mahogany and the fabric allowing you to personalize every detail to give you the perfect Christmas. French dining tables Boasting a more modern twist on French design, our black marble top French dining tables are the ideal way to boost the mood to extravagant new heights. Offering a more intimate seating space it is at the fore front of French furniture and a must have for anyone wishing to bring forth the new-year in style. French dining tables Sleeping Through the Night Christmas eve is a time for excitement and anticipation of the days to come, we can all look back to the days when we would wait up for Santa Claus to drop down our chimney yet we reach the point where a good night’s sleep is more valuable. With this in mind we must take the steps to ensure a luxurious trip into dream land, what better way to do this than with a lush bed that allures sleep out of even the most anxious minds? As one of our best-sellers we feel like we must bring the Sophia buttoned bed to everyone’s attention as a symbol of classic French upholstery and a sure fire way to settle you down for the night before Christmas. French dining tables Giving Back We are Happy to announce that the British Heart Foundation are giving us the chance to host our own stall at their Christmas market this year, a beautiful example of charitable acts taking precedence in times of joy and we adore it. A quaint and friendly atmosphere offers cafes, the chandlery and the doll’s house store all accompanying us in supporting our local businesses in the name of a good cause. We would admire a great turn out so check out the details on our flyer. French dining tables What’s in our Stocking? Everyone is deserving of a treat this year and we here at Crown French Furniture have been nothing but nice. We are proud to be selling a new range this time of year and cannot stress the sophistication of our Alexandria range enough, featuring stunning silver leaf finishing on solid mahogany it embodies the sparkle in everyone’s eyes this time of year and is the ideal celebratory range, adding class to the festivities and a smile to our faces. French dining tables Whether you’re out in the cold or around the fire we wish you well this winter, merry Christmas.

Fern xx

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