French Bedrooms & Heritage

Ever wondered, why the fascination with French bedrooms? This question has some very deep roots, coming of course from French heritage. For centuries French bedrooms have often been labelled as a sanctuary. Somewhere you can relax and sleep with bliss. One of the most important rooms of the home, a retreat that calls for a little extra spending on key investment pieces; ornate beds, lush armoires, sumptuous dressing tables and luxe textiles such as cashmere for the finishing touches. French bedrooms Inspired by an Exquisite History Opulent themes look stunning in French bedrooms. Many pieces have been inspired by furniture and designs from Louis XIV's Château de Versailles, later transformed to become the striking  Palace of Versailles. [caption id="attachment_675" align="aligncenter" width="220"]King Louis XIV Portrait King Louis XIV  - Known as Louis the Great[/caption] Reigning over France from 1643-1715 Louis became a world icon, a fashion fanatic on the largest scale. [caption id="attachment_673" align="aligncenter" width="4731"]Palace of Versailles Garden Façade of the Palace of Versailles[/caption] Many pieces of French furniture that you see today will have connections to this stunning place. Erected by Louis, this beautiful building was once a small Chateau, transformed into the heart of France and the centre of all political power from 1682-1789. With luxurious textiles, gleaming accessories, ornate furniture, gold and silver leaf embellishments, this stunning royal palace inspired many of the classical and timeless designs we still reproduce for French bedrooms today. [caption id="attachment_684" align="aligncenter" width="3892"]Palace of Versailles Hall of Mirrors Grande Galerie - Hall of Mirrors[/caption] French bedroom furniture such as Venetian mirrored glass, Versailles gold leaf,  Moulin Noir, Cristal Silver leaf and Chateau antique white collections offer a taste of the striking gleam of the Palace. [caption id="attachment_687" align="aligncenter" width="2400"]French Bedrooms French Bedroom Furniture[/caption] In terms of colour and design, we offer a fabulous variety of ways to make our bedroom furniture blend and match your existing interiors. Not all of us live in palaces (unfortunately) so we love pieces that have subtle traditional influences with a modern twist. Whether it's understated and subtle or brilliant and bold, we're sure we can find something that you'll love. Let us know... Are French bedrooms for you, have you added the French style look to your bedroom & do you prefer the subtle or bold look? Comment below and let us know!

Fern xx

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