Shabby Chic Furniture

Beauty, comfort and function are the three main objectives of any piece of shabby chic furniture. Hardwearing, quality pieces that have a vintage or antique feel have been customised to appear distressed or aged. Furniture is thickly painted, sometimes in alternating colours, then sanded or crackle glazed to reveal the layers and colours, giving an imperfect finish that lends character to the piece

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Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby chic furniture is a trend that takes the beauty and delicacy of classic French style and merges it with a distressed antique finish. It’s all about combining elegance with playfulness to create a piece of furniture that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The key to French interiors is imperfection. For instance, the Rococo style is all about asymmetry and it looks the part in a space that appears lived-in rather than refined and polished. Therefore, this furniture doesn’t need to be brand new and painted until it looks impeccable. In the past, the pieces that stood out more were the heirlooms that had been owned by the family for years and the antique pieces that nobody wanted to throw out. As a result, it became fashionable to own these antique items.


What is shabby chic furniture?

 Shabby chic furniture refers to items that looks distressed from years of use. This could be an antique or a new piece that’s been made to look older than it is. Furniture pieces that are not genuine antiques are usually chosen for their uncanny resemblance to older furnishings, such as their appearance of age or signs of wear and tear.

 To achieve the highly sought-after shabby chic look, the furniture is usually thickly painted and then sanded to reveal the wood underneath. For a heavily distressed look, the paint is subjected to heat which makes it crack and fall away.

 Beauty, comfort and function are three of the main objectives of any piece of French shabby chic furniture. This style really allows your creativity to show through in your home and will truly complete a space, giving the area a whole new look and feel.

 Our Etienne Turquoise Dining Furniture demonstrates the beauty of timeworn wood and how you can play about with colours, finishes and even small details such as door handles.


French shabby chic bedroom ideas

 The bed will be the focus of the room, so make it a statement by adding accessories. If you have a rattan bed, it can be embellished through the use of luxurious throws and plush cushions. This will help you to achieve a cosy, softened room too. To create an impression of depth and warmth, you could layer different materials and textures.

 Delicate patterns will finish off your boudoir to perfection. Vintage patterns are the ideal match for shabby chic, so add some pretty printed wallpaper to create additional texture. A large gilt-framed mirror will complete the room and add a touch of opulence.