Upcycling is a way of repurposing old furniture in order to give it a second life and possibly even a new purpose. Upcycling comes with many benefits including, saving money, creating a sense of achievement and reducing your footprint through using less raw materials when old ones can be rejuvenated. Repurposing your old furniture can be easy, especially if the piece is finished in a raw wood. Never the less it is still simple even if the piece is painted. To reproduce a fantastic shabby chic painted item, simply follow these 5 steps:
  1. Sand the furniture to reduce the risk of varnish protecting the product from the new paint.
  2. Using a Satin paint for a matt finish, paint the furniture with a brush or a small roller for a hand painted appeal.
  3. Wait for the paint to dry completely before adding a second coat if needed until the furniture is the required colour.
  4. You can then add a shabby chic, distressed finish by gently sanding parts of the furniture that would typically be worn by wear-&-tear.
  5. Finish the piece with a varnish to protect the paint from chips.
collargeIf you would like more tips on upcycling check out these links:

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