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  • The Beauty in the Wood

    A rich textured grain is a beautiful thing and can be used exquisitely to bring a natural and fresh look to your interior, however, used wrongly it can provide a clash of tones and a mess of confusing aesthetics.

    So keep a keen eye out when selecting wooden pieces as it is vital to blend the materials together seamlessly!

    Zero Diversity

    In the realm of wooden interiors or those furnished as such, you can never go wrong with a staple wood. One consistently used timber that provides the textured grainy look without needing another to contrast, favoured examples of these are oak, for its lighter tones, and mahogany, tried and tested, a true classic.

    Antoinette Range, Mahogany Wood Antoinette Range, Mahogany

    Solid oak furniture has seen a rise in recent years, with large scale shops specialising in the wood, and it’s no surprise as it offers a familiar light colour with wood knots to give it a more natural look. It is a front runner as it is not overpowering and pieces can be solely constructed from the wood and still look sleek and sophisticated, it also goes exceedingly well with silver, steel or chrome metals which fashion superb handles in our Tuscany range!

    Tuscany Range, Oak Wood Tuscany Range, Oak

    As a contrast is the stand alone, unmistakable appearance of mahogany, the wood that has been used across every range and every style, and for good reason! It is a strong and incredibly durable timber which is a priceless asset when choosing pieces that you hope to maintain for years to come. From all mahogany dark toned furnishings that exude a powerful masculine presence to the white painted, hand carved pieces it is a truly extraordinary wood with a beautiful grain and texture, one which we love to work with and chose for our Chateau range.

    Chateau Mahogany Wood Bed Chateau Mahogany Bed

    Mixing the Grain

    A delicate procedure if there ever was one in the realm of interior design, mixing different flavours of wood and creating a multi-tonal masterpiece within your living space’s harmony can be catastrophic if done carelessly.

    Mitz Takahashi, oak and mahogany wood Mitz Takahashi's Oak and Mahogany Wood Sideboard

    So your aim is to create harmony between contrasting pieces, it can be beautiful, it can be a show stopping display of your interior expertise and so we do not want to discourage it. Here goes.

    Our advice on blending different woods in one room!

    1. Keep it fun, there’s no point in adding a splash of fair if you naturally stay between the lines. This can cause a contrast of interests in your home and having one room as a sleek, by-the-book recipe interior and another as a mix of this that and everything in between is a no go! 
    1. Keep it Light, different textures are good, they are celebrated in fact! We must tread carefully however and only allow so much change in one room. Otherwise we end up with items that clash harder than Crocs and a little black dress … now wouldn’t that look stupid. 
    1. Keep looking! It’s hard to find what you’re looking for, especially in different ranges of wood, but persevere and you will be thankful when you find the perfect piece and so glad that you didn’t settle for that rotten thing that “almost works”.

    As always, wishing you a keen eye and something to buy!

    Fern xx

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  • Trends: The New Era of Upholstered Beds

    We have all seen the rise of the upholstered bed, like a good suit or a fancy car, it was not too long ago that these beds were almost exclusively available to the royal or the wildly rich. However, through increased demand and a much greater supply of quality furniture makers, they have become a luxury item like no other.

    With bespoke services and a range of frames and upholstery techniques, these beds have allowed people to transform the fit of their room, to add class or to mix up the interior’s dynamic completely. But where has this popularity came from? Why should we give up our flat pack lifestyle?

    Here’s where we show you!

    Fabric & Fashion

    The road of hand crafted beds is littered with beautiful examples to inspire the interior designer in you, here we will show you a few but mostly, explain why we love them so much and if you love them, what exactly you’re looking at.

    Our start point. It has to be the classic!

    We always back our star player, and in the role of upholstered beds, in rain or shine we come to our Sophia Button Upholstered French bed. Its clean, its crisp and its simple, it possesses the neutral colours that stops it from over powering if you aren’t one to dive in at the deep end. Also it boasts those classical carved features that give it such a beautiful shape to the body, all this compliments the simplistic, but a little more adventurous than plain, button upholstery.

    Sophia Upholstered bed

    Here the upholstery is key, it adds the texture and a homely feel to this piece as well as the ability to add an extra something with your own fabric!

    How to step it up. Material enlightenment!

    Taking a leap into the world of upholstered beds is not a risky one, there is a wide variety of pieces that astound you with how well they actual work. For example, if we delve slightly further into the luxurious appearance of these beds we can see such designs as our Cristal Silver Leaf bed.

    Cristal Upholstered bed

    The upholstery in this piece is less of a statement as it rivals the outstanding wonder of the body, exquisitely carved and finished in silver leaf and the upholstery simply compliments this with a subtle contrast in colour and texture.

    How to step it down. Comfort is key!

    The perfect blend of hand carved style and upholstery just to bring it all together is our Alexander Upholstered bed, it boasts a solid mahogany body that is a classical and faultless beauty on its own!

    Alexander Upholstered bed

    But with the added feature of a neutrally coloured upholstery it provides a sense of comfort and a luxurious feel to a timeless design.

    The Lame & The Plain

    We would never tell you that your solid mahogany Rococo bed is anything other than a marvel simply because it doesn’t include a material element, we will get into the beauty in the wood at a later time. However, it must be said that if you look at your bed and find its appearance a little … boring, you are probably looking at something without character.

    The search for a bed with character is a hard one and it goes hand in hand with your ideal bed, you could buy a solid gold, double king sized bed with a TV built in and it would catch a few eyes to say the least, but if it’s not for you then maybe have a rethink. We’re all looking for flare, but don’t discount your own taste!

    You may have to look high and low for this flare, but its wort it! A bed is a personal space, somewhere tailored to you and is very important to get right. Your perfect bed may well not be upholstered, it may not be carved, it may be a sleek modern design that simply meshes well with your personality and that in itself is the ideal flare and we applaud anyone who has found their dream bed and taken it home with them.

    Fern xx

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  • Trends: Our Creative Space

    Following the launch of our showroom we’ve had more room to flex our artistic muscles, we’ve subtly followed the more modern trends and peace inducing room layouts. There has been a lot of change in the accessories we put out, although we will always showcase the high quality Gisela Graham and East of India, we have been mixing colour schemes using floral displays and a few artistic pieces.

    Cown French Furniture

    New Trends

    We’re currently having the most fun with classical flower displays following the peacock colour scheme of purples, turquois, cobalt blue and vibrant greens which have made a stylish appearance in most homes this year. These have really brought out the more neutral colour schemes we have in our bedroom sets and splendidly given a bit more life to our dining tables, creating a homely environment.

    new cff trends Silver leaf bed set

    Our Mood Boards

    As we moved into our new showroom we realised the large space we had to create our displays and that we needed to make it feel personal in each bedroom set. Every collection is individual and we wanted to ensure that this came through in our layout, so we got to work on setting out each mini room with a sample interior for a few of our ranges. But it just wasn’t enough, the pieces all looked beautiful but it didn’t feel like a home, it needed a little extra.

    Trends, mood baord mood board

    This extra came in the form of accessories and our outstanding mood boards, accessories seem like such a small thing but they make a huge difference, it’s the little touches that make our showroom more than just a room of furniture but a place to find your new home and inspire people. The mood boards were a more innovative idea and have worked splendidly! By backing our room sets it brings the pieces together and gives the feel of a real bedroom which is what we strive for. Customers can truly get a feel for the quality of the pieces and how they work within a room, we count that as a big success!

    new trends Beaulieu dining

    Our Pride and Joy

    Keeping on top of the upcoming and “just in” style techniques is one of our team’s biggest challenges but also our favourite, the more we see in the world of fashion and interior design, the more we can help and support our customers. We have definitely developed and maintained a strong and reliable knowledge on not only the history and subtlety of our own furniture but also the world around it, what goes with each piece and why, how to pull together your interior with a few mild changes and how the depth of colour schemes can make or break your dream home.

    Fern xx

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  • New Showroom, We Have Arrived!


    After the long awaited move into our new premises, we are making the finishing touches to the store and fine tuning our new showroom. It’s been a slow progression from our exclusively online store into our first showroom, and now onto our latest venture!

    NG10 1LN!

    That’s our new post code by the way and it is right in the centre of the Long Eaton high street! Part of the rising outskirts of Nottingham and a bustling community we expect a lot of lively feet on the ground to welcome us into the more busy side of the neighbourhood. It may seem like we are making a big deal about this but anyone who has visited our old showroom will know that we were tight for space … additionally anyone who has visited our new showroom can vouch for how grand and open it is, we’re very excited to fill it with pieces!

    New CFF 1

    We would love to see fresh faces as well as familiar ones to take a look around, talk to our helpful team of staff or just poke your head in to see what all the fuss is about.

    New CFF 4

    We aim to utilise our new found floor space and turn our showroom into a complete browsing experience, giving people the option to wonder in and simply get a more in depth feel for the quality we offer.

    New CFF 2

    Also you may have noticed our Gisela Graham Accessories on most of our social media? That too is our way of welcoming window shoppers who want to pick up something a little more convenient to carry out.

    New CFF 3

    Send Offs

    Unfortunately this means saying goodbye to our old showroom, despite the smaller floor space we managed to make it work and tried hard to give our customers as much as we can in terms of a varied display range. Although it wasn’t as easy as it promises to be at our new home, it worked and we couldn’t be prouder of our time there, you will be missed Lawrence street but it’s time to move onwards and upwards.

    In Other News!

    In other news, we have some news! New pieces that is, nothing in the way of complete collections although they are exquisite and we believe they complement our catalogue perfectly. Below is our Venetian Black Velvet Dining Chair and our Versailles Gilt Curved French High Bed.

    Venetian Black Velvet Dining ChairVersailles Gilt Curved French Bed High End

    Both hand crafted and, we feel, front runners in class and sophistication. As always we encourage everyone to browse everything we have for offer, simply because we light up when we get a call from a new customer who knows what they want, and I highly believe you or one of our team can find something that will light the interior decorating fire within you.

    Fern xx at 40-46 High Street, Long Eaton, Nottingham

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  • Arrivals, Old & New

     New Arrivals

    We love updating our catalogue, we get to hand pick the perfect French style pieces to fit with the rest of our ranges and just some things we think you’ll like. Recently we have added several pieces to our Dorset range as well as giving our Giselle range a make-over, we are currently anticipating some new additions to our legendary Cristal range such as the upcoming dining table and complimenting sideboard.

     Upcoming Cristal Dining Table

    There’s something to look forward to! As for now, check out the new pieces in our already fresh faced Dorset range which feature metal work to add a little detailing in this subtle style.

     Dorset French Style Chair with Metal Back

    Another way to quench your furniture thirst is our Giselle range, recently revamped into a more traditional design which really shows off the flawless woodwork on these items and with unique and lovely upholstery to accentuate these designs it has really caught our eye and we hope it will do the same for you.

     Giselle Reclaimed Pine French Bedroom Chair


    Old Arrivals

    Having passed Easter and with Summer well on its way, we find a slow time in the year fit for Spring cleaning and a bit of a reshuffle. Dusting off old furniture can give us a fresh perspective on what has stood the course of time and remained stunning. Having done this at Crown French Furniture we’ve formed a bit of a top five of the pieces that have maintained their wow factor to this day, a bit of a top hits album for furniture.


    1. Louis French Buttoned Back Dining Chair

    Available in a range of vintage fabrics this upholstered wonder has held up as a fashionable dining chair ideal for a classy sophisticated ambience. Neutral and not overpowering it makes a perfect set of complimentary chairs to bring out the beauty in whatever centre piece you surround with them.

    Louis French Button Back Dining Chair

    1. Chatsworth Linen Armchair

    Standing as a strong competitor amongst our armchairs, this one offers a comfort not found in all of them and we think this is why its style has never wavered. Practicality is essential to a piece that is to outlast the competition and our linen armchair is exactly that, with comfort and a familiar button upholstery it had to make the list.

    Chatsworth Linen Amchair

    1. Cristal Silver Leaf Button Bed

    At first glance the silver leaf may seem extravagant but it has proved again and again that it is a unique but essential design, ever popular and truly individual it offers an eye-catching aesthetic that does not go over the top. It is tasteful and beautiful in its detailed carvings and upholstered delicately to ensure it has a homely touch amongst the more contemporary influences.

    Cristal Silver Leaf Bed

    1. Beaulieu French Dining Table and Chairs

    These pieces of antique white wooden furnishings are an absolute must have in French style and contemporary interiors alike, the basic design ensures they do not clash and the upholstery (in your choice of fabric) allows a personal touch to create flare or simply blend in with your colour scheme.

    Beaulieu French Dining Table and Chairs

    1. Sophia Button Upholstered French Bed

    Our front runner is our very own custom made French Sophia bed, as one of our best sellers and unique to our store we have had a stream of positive feedback about this piece and are extremely proud of it. It boasts traditional French design influences coupled with hand crafted Beech wood to create a chic and stylish silhouette. Additionally, we allow any number of individual fabrics to be used for the flawless button upholstery and over our time making it we have seen some outstanding success in people providing their own fabrics, churning out colour combinations we have been delightfully surprised by.

     Sophia French Style Bed Scene

    We hope you've enjoyed the run up to Easter and had a fabulous time, now that its passed, get your hands on something to clean and wait for Summer!

    Fern xx

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  • Fern's Fashion Week

    A Thought on London Fashion Week

    It is here, London fashion week is booming from the 19th to the 23rd of February, the press and designers are in full swing. All new ideas for the Autumn and Winter approaching in 2016 are showcased and featured by over 83 designers, including the likes of Jasper Conran, Burberry, Julian Mcdonald, Vivienne Westwood, Mulbery and Paul Smith. Household names and brands will also be strutting their stuff, so those of you looking for the best in Topshop or River Island clothing need not write off this event.

    London Fashion Week

    All going down in the BFC showspace it is the 63rd edition of the London fashion week and so holds up to a high standard maintained over its long standing as one of the greatest fashion events on the seasonal calendar. This season’s showrooms include everything you could dream of, ready-to-wear items, footwear, jewellery, bags of all shapes and sizes and multi-label showrooms.

    London Fashion Week 2

    It is being screened to more than 35 million people across the country with more than 60 public screenings across the United Kingdom for the general population to partake in this glorious celebration of the shic. Special events, both in store and online, are being offered by many restaurants, hotels and bars to embrace the attention fashion week draws to their front door.



    Although no one needs an excuse to re-vamp their wardrobe or update their outfits, we love the London fashion week as it means you have no excuse not to! Get the latest and the best of modern culture and clothing by welcoming the art of designer wears into your own style.

    Fern xx

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  • 29 Days of February

    The Leap Year

    Signifying another four trips around the Sun, the leap year balances the days and synchronizes us with our calendars again. Although it may not mean much to most people it says a lot about restarting, it takes us a little over 365 days to complete our journey and so we inevitably become out of time. Not unlike fashion, we eventually have to mix things up a bit. You can see where this is going…

    As far as mixing things up goes, contemporary furniture is an ideal design to include in your home, it possesses those familiar silhouettes we’ve come to love in French furniture however it exudes freshness and a new spin to excite the interior designer in everyone.

    There are plenty of “out-there” collections for those looking to turn a quaint bedroom into a slap in the face gallery of the niche, and although this is bound to leave a more permanent impression, we prefer a subtle approach.

    In the form of Dorset furniture, you can update your usual style with a more homely take on modern ideas. Comfortable seating and calming beiges make this range a slow transition into the contemporary and the most casual collection of ours, additionally the familiarity of these pieces allow them to be meshed into your current interior without having to strip your walls or change the carpets.

    Definitely worth looking at as it is fairly new to our catalogue and even if it is not to your taste, it will give you an insight into the contemporary designs coming up this year.

    The Language of Love

    Staying true to our influences from the city of love, we celebrate the amour that blossoms around the month of February and its continual strengthening through Saint Valentine’s Day. Although the gifts and flowers aspect originated on our doorstep in the UK, it was taken to with open arms by our friends across the channel and Parisian glamour has become a staple brand of this time of year.

    Saint Valentine’s Day is not for everyone but we here at Crown French Furniture gladly welcome any holiday that puts a few more smiles on our customers’ faces and we don’t judge those who wish to write it off completely.

    Indulging in the conventions of this holiday, we come bearing gifts! Nothing edible although you may want to sink your teeth into these holiday offers. Available now, our Valentine’s Day deal offers 10% off on our selected products until the 17th February 2016 when you enter discount code: LOVECROWN16

    Contemporary Valentine's Offer 2016

    This applies to the pieces we have deemed particularly romantic including our: Cristal French Silver Leaf Buttoned Bed, Set 4 Gold Stem Champagne Flutes, Roses Heart Mirror, Grey-Wash Round Metal Garden Dining Table, Lille Classic Sleigh Bedside Table with 3 Drawers and Versailles Gilt French Small Console Table. We would love to hear from you if you have any queries and hope you take advantage of our offer.

    Whether you’re waiting for Cupid’s arrow, spending the day with your special someone or catching up on that new series you’ve discovered on Netflix, we wish you the best of luck.

    Fern xx

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  • New Year's Eve and New Storage Solutions

    Goodbye 2015

    January is fast approaching and it seems like only yesterday were we opening the first door of our advent calendars. Thankfully, Christmas is behind us and all the stress can be forgotten for another 364 days, now we face the task of boxing up all that merriment and stuffing it into places no one will look. We offer you comfort in the knowledge that there is always enough room, so pull down your tree and turn off the fairy lights; here are some storage solutions to brighten up the whole experience.


    Sideboards are aggressively underrated as they offer a discreet opportunity for storage, perfect across hallways they can be placed in areas that would be impractical for other pieces and can be used to present accessories on top of them. One of our many inspired sideboards is the weathered oak French sideboard, deserving of a mention it boasts a warm tone to drive off the winter chill.


    Additional room can be found in the form of an armoire, they are grand pieces that produce a stunning, powerful presence to a room. Although they are not as subtle as a sideboard it is perfect for storage as they have an abundance of space and pull together bedroom styles with ease.


    Finally, display cabinets, working alongside armoires they offer a great amount of storage and an eye-catching unit for any room. These, however, tend to be more stylish, offering transparent doors and sophisticated shelving they offer a sleek alternative.


    A New Year, a New Range

    Here at Crown French Furniture we are welcoming 2016 with open arms and are introducing a fresh face into our range in the form of Tuscan furniture. Inspired by Tuscany, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, it offers warm tones from the solid oak and creates a truly homely feel, however this is contrasted by the more modern influences and recessed chrome polish handles. Each piece is unique with natural wood knots and hand planed edges, offering a simplistic style, this beautiful range bridges the gap between classic and contemporary styles.


    The Next 12 Months

    Looking forward to the up-coming year, it is present that shabby chic and simplistic style is on the rise. The already popular design techniques are now becoming icons of the modern home, and although Winter is still hanging over us, Spring is just on the horizon and it is time to start envisioning your ideal interior. These designs offer inspiration to most and will accentuate your older pieces, bringing your house together and making Spring cleaning all the more rewarding.


    Additionally, our pieces will last you a lifetime and so we highly recommend taking your dream home into your own hands as soon as possible, renew your style for 2016.


    Happy new-year!

    Fern xx

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  • French Dining Tables - Tis the Season

    Christmas time draws near and we want to do our best to spread joy to others, through gift giving and holiday cheer the festive period becomes exactly that, festive. Families join together over one table to share a feast and swap stories from the year that’s passed, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

    Every December we hope our celebrations will go smoothly, however, this is rarely the case. Never fear, we are providing the answers to solve any and all of your furniture crises over the holiday period.

    Setting the Table

    The centre piece to any holiday is where the food will be laid; ranging from rustic to royal we see an array of beautiful French dining tables that will light up your Christmas tree and set the merry tone, whether you are aiming for the flash and flamboyance of a spectacular gathering or if you wish for a more traditional and authentic feel this season, there is a piece waiting for you. We offer furniture for every style yet we know it’s hard not to go all out this winter so here are my personal recommendations as two opposite ends of the spectrum, vintage and suave.

    Our Louis French dining tables are an exquisite example of classic French design under Louis XV. The piece offers a range of materials for the solid mahogany and the fabric allowing you to personalize every detail to give you the perfect Christmas.

    French dining tables

    Boasting a more modern twist on French design, our black marble top French dining tables are the ideal way to boost the mood to extravagant new heights. Offering a more intimate seating space it is at the fore front of French furniture and a must have for anyone wishing to bring forth the new-year in style.

    French dining tables Sleeping Through the Night

    Christmas eve is a time for excitement and anticipation of the days to come, we can all look back to the days when we would wait up for Santa Claus to drop down our chimney yet we reach the point where a good night’s sleep is more valuable. With this in mind we must take the steps to ensure a luxurious trip into dream land, what better way to do this than with a lush bed that allures sleep out of even the most anxious minds?

    As one of our best-sellers we feel like we must bring the Sophia buttoned bed to everyone’s attention as a symbol of classic French upholstery and a sure fire way to settle you down for the night before Christmas.

    French dining tables

    Giving Back

    We are Happy to announce that the British Heart Foundation are giving us the chance to host our own stall at their Christmas market this year, a beautiful example of charitable acts taking precedence in times of joy and we adore it. A quaint and friendly atmosphere offers cafes, the chandlery and the doll’s house store all accompanying us in supporting our local businesses in the name of a good cause.

    We would admire a great turn out so check out the details on our flyer.

    French dining tables

    What’s in our Stocking?

    Everyone is deserving of a treat this year and we here at Crown French Furniture have been nothing but nice. We are proud to be selling a new range this time of year and cannot stress the sophistication of our Alexandria range enough, featuring stunning silver leaf finishing on solid mahogany it embodies the sparkle in everyone’s eyes this time of year and is the ideal celebratory range, adding class to the festivities and a smile to our faces.
    French dining tables

    Whether you’re out in the cold or around the fire we wish you well this winter, merry Christmas.

    Fern xx

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  • Halloween

    A Night To Remember

    What’s under the bed?

    As Halloween approaches we are encouraged to face our fears with humour and poorly made costumes. However, some of us would rather leave the lights turned on and hide under a cosy throw.

    In the spirit of keeping comfortable on Halloween, throws can not only keep away the chill of an October night but also offer another opportunity for the presence of class in your bedroom. Beds from all ranges can benefit from the added texture, neutral colours and style these have to offer. A cream thick fur throw would be my personal favourite as it is a subtle tone that compliments almost all colours you could want around the bedroom, as well as providing the lush feeling of soft fur.


    Turn on the lights!

    Whether you will be spending this Halloween out fearful with your friends or keeping toasty near the bonfire, it is ever present that light and dark will be a main feature throughout the celebrations. Gothic style lighting is a must have amongst those willing to add this sense of drama to a room, the contrast between blackened crystals or dark shades and the almost fiery burn of overhead lights gives off a beautifully eerie vibe. With our black shade glass chandelier, you can truly impress your guests at a haunted house party with this twist of modern style.

    Smoked Glass Chandelier - Halloween

    Or for those aiming to go all out when it comes to creating an atmosphere to die for, there is no better than a black crystal 5-arm chandelier to give any room a new depth without compromising colour schemes.

    Jack-O-Lantern - Halloween

    Trick or treating time is upon us, so lets celebrate in style and you will have no problem making this Halloween a night to remember!

    Fern xx

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