Crown French Furniture

  • Easter Adventures

    Hi, my family and I are so exited as Easter approaches, which means two weeks holiday travelling. We are going to Disney Land in Paris for 5 days, so I cannot wait! I'm so exited to see France and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. We are also planning to put a love lock (mon dieu) on the Pont De L'Archevêché, arch bridge in Paris, so that will be super exiting. See you all soon :)


    Fern xx

  • Grand National


    I went into town this morning and wondered to myself 'why are there ponies outside the local coffee store?' The I realised that it's the Grand National today and it was really lovely to see the community getting involved with their children by letting them pet and take pictures with the ponies. We have had our sweepstake in the office just adding to the fun! :P


    Fern xx

  • Creativity

    'Being Creative is not just a hobby, it is a way of life!'


    Too True.....


  • Mirrors

    Hi, in the showroom and on our website at the moment we have a lot of different mirrors from leaner-where they rest against the wall. They come in a huge range of colours like gold, silver,glass and even bronze, you can get circular and heart shaped ones too and they are all really good sizes to fit your room. my personal favourite are the golden distressed leaner mirrors and they look great!

    Fern x

  • Spring Market

    This weekend in Derby there is going to be a fantastic Spring market. The event holds over 100 food and gift exhibiters and is perfect if you need to purchase any last minute mothers day gifts.
    Click here for more information on the event. It is a truly great day out, perfect for all the family. Enjoy! :)


  • Camille

    We are expecting to have a selection of Camille furniture available to view in the showroom by the end of next week!

    It is our brand new range and we cannot wait to have it. If you haven't already, check it out here.

  • Newgate Clocks

    Hi, here in the showroom we have some lovely vintage & retro Newgate clocks. They all look really charming and add to the warmth of the home. We have a range of different sizes available from large to petite. Colours include a variety of pinks, blacks, reds and clay colour. I really like them :) Feel free to come in any day that we are open to take a closer look for yourself! Fern xx

  • Accessories

    Our brand new range of accessories is here!! :D We are so exited to finally have them, and they look stunning. We have them all over the showroom on display and they are also available to purchase under the 'Gifts & Accessories' section online.

  • Brand New Accesories

    We have lots of homely and really cute little accessories in the showroom at the moment, including new cushions & candles. We also have a great collection of Newgate Clocks in a range of colours and sizes. My personal favourites are the new photo frames featured all around the showroom now! :D

    Fern x

  • Exiting News - Camile Range is Here!

    It's exiting to see that Crown French Furniture are now stocking the Camile range of French Bedroom Furniture. It comes with a weathered finish on solid Oak wood with soft curves. The upholstery fabric is a high quality neutral cotton and linen, ideal for a more contemporary style bedroom.
    Crown French.

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