Mid-May Madness

Hello! It's finally bank holiday weekend/ Monday and for once it's supposed to be good weather!! snowdon-lp Some of our team will be taking small breaks over the week, I know one of my colleagues is planning on walking mount Snowdon in Wales, hopefully he'll take some photographs for us. A few close friends of ours will be at Radio 1's big weekend festival by now kick-starting their summer with a festival. Which reminds me Glastonbury festival is only around the corner. Back to reality a few of us are planning on seeing family and going out for meals while I know my main focus will be getting my home and garden up-to-date - I'm sure you know the drill, getting the spring cleaning finished and the plants planted in the garden until I'm satisfied and ready to start my summer with a friendly social gathering. If you have any plans feel free to comment by clicking on the blog and scrolling to the bottom.garden_glam If you are in my boat and need to sort out the garden (again this year) my tip is - even if you feel you need to start from scratch, it really isn't always as bad as you think. Sometimes all you need to do is refresh what you have to recapture that beautiful area you had when you first created it. A new coat of paint on the fences, decking and even the furniture can be enough to rejuvenate your garden. Also grab some floral cushions and a couple of throws to really glam it up a little! If you need any new garden accessories of furniture you can always check out our collection online: http://www.crownfrenchfurniture.co.uk/outdoor.htm   http://www.crownfrenchfurniture.co.uk/accessories.html There are plenty of decorative items and stunning furniture to ensure your home has a fresh summer look... Have fun whatever you end up doing!

Fern xx

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