How to decorate a plain mirror

Mirrors are the perfect accessory for making a living space look brighter and more spacious. When chosen and used correctly, a suitable mirror can be capable of bringing all elements of the room together, so it’s no wonder that so many people introduce them into their living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways.

You can choose the perfect new mirror for you by identifying a desired shape, frame colour and design, but you could also consider making alterations to an existing mirror if it’s not exactly right. Whether you want to change the look of a mirror to suit the colour and design of the room it’s going in, add more vibrance to a dull and lifeless mirror or update a mirror you already own, it’s possible to decorate a mirror in a number of ways to suit the aesthetic you’re going for.

How to decorate a wall mirror

If you want to decorate a wall mirror, there are several ways to do it. For example, you could:

Add a pattern or image to the mirror -

Print or cut out the outline of a pattern or image and paint over it to leave a unique shape on your mirror. You can do this using paint, spray paint or other arts and crafts materials such as glitter. Then simply remove the stencil to reveal a sleek, handmade design.

Create a unique frame -

Using pieces of felt, plastic or even coloured paper, you could create an overlapping pattern along the outside of the mirror to form a makeshift frame. This is especially useful for frameless mirrors, and all you need is a selection of identical pieces of material to create the frame and a glue gun to attach the pieces.

Fit the mirror into other objects -

If you no longer like the design of your mirror, you could remove it from the frame, pick an item to work as a new border and simply fix it into position in its new frame. For instance, you could fit your mirror to a luxurious picture frame, or for something a little quirkier, you could secure it in an unexpected item such as the circular section of an old badminton racket.

Upcycle the mirror into another home accessory -

Minor alterations could be made to your mirror to turn it into another type of accessory. For instance, If your mirror has an elegant frame, you could add a layer of felt to the back, fix handles to the sides and use it as a tray for serving afternoon tea, displaying other ornaments or showcasing the contents of a dressing table.

A luxurious mirror hanging on a patterned wall.

How to disguise a cracked mirror

Mirror redecoration is often done simply to accentuate or refresh the design of this item. However, if your mirror has become damaged and you want to keep it, you may decide to decorate it as a method of disguising a crack so that you can continue to proudly display it in your home.

There are several ways of decorating a mirror to cover up flaws. For example, you could attach a pattern of tiles to the affected area and do the same to the opposite side for symmetry. If the crack is in the corner or at one of the sides of the mirror, you could fix a floral arrangement to the mirror or simply place a vase or large ornament in front of it.

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