Happy New Year

At last we're in 2015! The spending, eating and partying is finally over and I'm sure most of you cristal_bedroom_main_1_lowreshave made and broken New Year resolutions. It's certainly cold outside still, so we're still in winter but it's actually a good time to start looking at garden furniture and preparing your home for the summer months with a little spring cleaning (and a lot of shopping). Glamour is very much in vogue for a style in the home this year meaning mirrored furniture, glossy finishes and huge over dramatic décor is the place to be. One of my personal favourite collections for the coming year is the contemporary Venetian & Mirrored Glass Collection with an array of modern yet elegant pieces, perfect for adding a hint of light to a bedroom of living room but if you're more interested in a French style collection I absolutely love the Cristal Silver Leaf Furniture, opulent in every way with real silver leaf finishes and beautiful designs. Blog gard It's best to start early when buying for the summer, at this time of year the items you want are more likely to be in stock and you might even get a good deal if it's going on sale. Benefit from shopping early and then you can concentrate on the important things like worrying about the amount of food to buy for a BBQ...  

Fern xx

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