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  1. How to dress a dining table

    How to dress a dining table

    How to dress a dining table

    Your dining table is one of the most functional pieces of furniture in your home - it provides you and your family with a place to eat, work and socialise. However, whether you have a traditional oak table, a sleek minimalist glass-top design, or a contemporary metal framed surface, your dining table’s appearance can end up a little lacklustre if it’s not styled properly. For this reason, knowing how to correctly dress a dining table is important.

    From the simple addition of a tasteful centrepiece or table ornament to stunning themed table dressings for special events, turning the blank canvas of an empty dining table into a work of art that oozes style and personality is simple. In this blog, we show you how to transform the look of your dining room with some simple yet effective tricks and tips.

    How to dress a dining table when not in use

    Even when a dining table is not in use, the chances are it will still represent a major focal point in your dining room or kitchen. For this reason, it shouldn't be ignored. Dressing your dining table has the power to transform a purely functional item of furniture into a stunning design feature. But how do you go about this?

    Fortunately, There are many different decorating options to choose from, so you shouldn't struggle to find a style to suit your home. Below we have outlined different ways to dress a dining table that’s not in use:

    • Traditional tablecloths

    If your home’s interior design is traditional and you believe ‘less is more’, an elegant tablecloth may be all you need to dress your empty dining table. Make sure you select a tablecloth that properly fits your size and shape of table, and also remember to stick to fine materials such as silk, cotton or organza. When it comes to colour and pattern, the choice is yours. You can either opt for a solid bold colour that will stand out and make your dining table a real statement piece, or you can go for a more subtle shade or pattern that will fit in with the rest of your dining room interior.

    • Flowers and houseplants

    Injecting a splash of colour in the form of bouquets of flowers or permanent potted houseplants can be a great way to spruce up a previously lifeless dining surface. This can be a particularly good idea if your table is large. While you don’t want to go overboard, the addition of one or two plants can transform a boring surface into a true focal point. For maximum effect, try to keep vases and planters on the plain side to ensure that full focus remains on the plants. Opt for plain whilte, grey, black or terracotta coloured vessels, paired with brightly coloured, lively-looking plants and flowers. Which types of plants you go for depends on personal preference and what goes best with the rest of your interior, however, whatever indoor plants or flowers you choose, this touch of nature is bound to turn a formal item of furniture into a relaxed-looking and inviting feature.

    • Candles, vases and ornaments

    If your dining area is a large open space, it’s not unusual for an empty table to look a bit naked in this environment. If this is the case, covering the surface with stylish decorative items that complement the rest of the room and turn your table into a focal point could be a good idea. Think about using a combination of candles, vases, pillars and other ornaments when the table is not in use to give your dining room a bit more oomph. If you go down this route, you can decide on a more eclectic look - ideal for traditional dining tables - or opt for a neat and tidy centerpiece approach - more suited to sleek contemporary tables and dining areas.

    How to dress a white dining table

    If you own a white dining table and are looking for the best ways to dress it, there are two paths you can take depending on your preferred style. If you favour contemporary and minimalist decor, sticking to items in shades of white, grey and black can provide a stylish monochrome aesthetic. Choose white, grey or black table clothes, vases, pillars, and candles, as discussed above, that complement the aesthetic of the rest of your dining area, and stay true to your contemporary style.

    Alternatively, if you have a white dining table but would like to introduce a splash of colour to your home, use it as a blank canvas by adding multiple shades of one key accent colour. This may be a colour that is featured heavily in the room already, or a completely contrasting colour that will help to ensure your table really stands out. For maximum effect, you could even dress your white table with items in a range of bold colours. 

    How to dress a small dining table

    When it comes to dressing small dining tables, the old adage ‘less is more’ should certainly come into your thinking. Space is likely to be at a premium when dressing a small dining table, so stick to selecting one or two statement pieces that will help to maintain a simple, uncluttered look. Remember, even if you have a few different items you’d like to display on your table when it’s not in use, rotate them as time goes by rather than displaying them all at once. From Halloween or Christmas centrepieces to springtime flowers and summer greenery, you can even use this rotation as a way of celebrating different times of the year, keeping your dining area looking fresh in the process.


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