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  • Expanding and Outstanding

    Recently we have been expanding our ranges and allowing more niche items to exist within our favourite collections. We have introduced single, smaller beds as well as more eccentric and decadent designs.


    Expanding our range means finding pieces and craftsmen that will be able to withhold our lofty standards for our customers. At the heart of our catalogue is the fusion of comfort with style and our recently added pieces embody this desire.


    Take a look at our new single bed, this is a big step for us as previously our beds have been exclusively doubles or higher sizes. Through dealing with many customers, we came to the decision that it was time we supplied people with a more flexible bed, able to fit into rooms with tight doorways into spaces that couldn’t host a larger bed.


    Obviously, a large part of furniture sales is having what people want, so we try to cover as many bases in our somewhat bigger than you would expect area of French style furniture.

    a few pieces with our Parisian contemporary influence a few pieces with our Parisian contemporary influence

    Take our Parisian contemporary pieces, although not a staple piece in our catalogue, it gives you a feel for the variety we try to offer to our customers. Contrast these pieces with some of our more traditional rococo or rattan items and you can see the span of our catalogue.


    Another aspect we have been working on is our niche items, we love these as they tend to be the showstoppers. The items you’ve searched everywhere for and dropped your coffee once you’ve seen it just there amongst our website.

    They wow.

    Fern xx

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  • Finding your comfort

    We do have some magnificent beds in our store and some of them might be difficult to buy at this moment in time. So, we thought we should help everyone with our astonishing deal, trust me you will love it. Over a period of 12 extravagant months, you can now pay monthly for our beds so you can find the comfort that is perfect for you! This is suitable for everyone.

    We always say the perfect sanctuary of sleep begins with choosing the right bed and as well adding a touch of elegance and glamour to your bedroom. We have various styles of beds with unique colours such as classic white, cream, silver and genuine gold leaf French beds. All these can optimize the shabby chic look.

    One of our outstanding additions to the Beulieu furniture collection is the Beaulieu Antique White Upholstered French Bed, the bed frame is finished in antique white and upholstered with a light grey linen fabric. It’s unbelievably comfy and perfect to have sweet night’s sleep.


    Most significantly we have over 60 beds in our collection and all of them offer a unique purpose to your bedroom and not every bed is right for everyone depending on your style!

    Why not have a browse through our collections? We have some striking classic beds that could be a suitable fit for you. Check out the Lille Classic Sleigh French Bed, it takes us back to an 18th century design with rich wood tones. This is made using fine timbers and created to the highest values.


    The Versailles Gold Leaf French Button Bed makes a sense of pride within your bedroom and adds a touch of glamour and prosperity. Enhance the authentic look and is one of our most glamorous beds. Sneak a peek and you will most likely fall in love with it.


    Honestly, take advantage of this deal we are doing, you will find the right comfort for you and I might try and find my dream bed as well… The most magnificent beds can be found here at Crown French Furniture and we always want to help you find your right comfort, we want you to be impressed and have a snug night sleep. Have a little look and maybe you will find a bed of your dreams or a bed that will match your bedroom look. Let this summer be the summer you won’t forget!

    Fern xx

  • Collection Perfection

    Amongst our ranges are several pieces that work stunningly together but a few really stand out as true companions. From our Louis French furniture collection to our Beaulieu French furniture, we have some extraordinary beds that will catch your eye and even mine.

    Louis French Furniture

    This furniture gives a sense of freedom and calmness within our households, it goes back to the beautiful classic designs that is ideal for both town and country settings. Heavily inspired by French culture it displays class and sophistication allowing each piece to blend seamlessly with each other.

    louis_extenable_dining_table Our Louis extendable dining table

    Have a browse at our louis range featuring this beautiful Louis French Extendable Dining Table, this range creates an amazing atmosphere through the consistent presence of shabby chic style.

    It looks incredible with the dining chairs from the same collection It looks incredible with the dining chairs from the same collection

    Most significantly present in the combination of the dining table and the upholstered chairs, these can be blended with side-tables and shabby chic décor to create a strong sense of style in any interior. It creates a relaxed scene and will be so perfect for you.

    Beaulieu French furniture

    Our elegant collection with captivating whites to show everyone, it creates a gorgeous atmosphere and makes everything look so smooth. Why not have a look at our Beaulieu French Dressing Table with Mirror and Stool, it is magnificent!

    A more recent addition to our collection is this stunning dresser A more recent addition to our collection is this stunning dresser

    This is a hand painted marvel with an antique white to just stun your eyes. Trust me, it will add sparkle to your home. The lighting from the glaring sun will highlight any features you want to pop in your interior, this will brighten up our house this summer. Though the white isn’t too overpowering luckily.

    Look at the amazing white finish Look at the amazing white finish

    These collections are a pleasant change to your scenery, it is so refreshing and helps you create their dream home. Honestly, I wish I could have some of the extravagant furniture, but sadly I can’t have it all! The price isn’t always fit for everyone, I know it isn’t for me! But with our bed finance you can now pay over a period of 12 months like a contract! So even our most expensive beds can be offered to anyone and everyone. This is a magnificent deal though and I hope you find the right comfort for you.

    Fern xx

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