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  • Autumnal Vibes

    In short, the rain has hit us hard and it has put us in the mood to get autumnal. That means very little to most people, but to us here at Crown French Furniture it means new colours, new accessories and yes … some new clothes for ourselves!

    It’s not Christmas … but it’s still hot chocolate weather

    It has to be said that the autumnal colour scheme is one of our favourites, forget your white & red winters or the bright colourful spring! We like the underdog, the casual and underrated beauty in using warm colour to decorate your home. It just fits, and we want to bring this beauty into our furniture. We do this through our bespoke services which allow for a range of new combinations and unique pieces to bring a spice into interior designs.

    autumnal bed Our Sophia bed with an autumnal theme

    Our Sophia bed is exclusive and one of the most exquisite beds we offer, but enough about our “standard” bed, we are getting excited by the personalised items! And this is our pride when it comes to bespoke packages, always a flawless outcome and with such a versatile aesthetic we can’t wait to see some beige, brown or even orange headboards come through our doors and bring some seasonal flare along with them!

    Maybe it is Christmas?

    There is no sign more festive than Christmas stock in every window display, sadly we haven’t reached that stage yet but it is closer than you think! Not so long ago we had our new accessories arrive and yes, they may be a little … decembery … bur who cares. If you could see them you would be just as excited as we are and pay no mind to the date, it has to happen some-time. We have all realised how early the Christmas decorations come into stores and it has become a bit of a tradition that we get the idea of trees and advent calendars before its even November!

    From us here at Crown French Furniture From us here at Crown French Furniture

    Keep an eye out for our new stock, it’ll be worth the wait! Fern xx

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  • The Shabby Chic Round Off

    Our homes are all different, and they are all our very own space to flex our creative muscles and show off our personality. Some stick to the tried and tested soft neutral colour schemes that hold everything together with ease and familiarity whilst others stray from the beaten path and can boast something new and more complex in their interiors.

    shabby chic A shabby chic setting

    One of our absolute favourite interior themes, one which is far from boring, is shabby chic; we choose to keep a lot of shabby chic furniture around our catalogue and throughout our ranges to inspire people to try these individual pieces that show a true character.

    A little vintage, a little indie

    The shabby chic style is all about the aged look; it adds … oomph! Something has to be beautifully charismatic to be considered shabby chic. it’s all about focusing on the character of the piece but this can be hard to complete a room with as you often end up with a miss-matching madness.

    It all comes down to the accessories!

    This is our staple advice, fix up your accessories!! There is nothing you cannot blend or mesh or ease into your interior dynamic with the right accessories. Shabby chic designs need a precise and clinical use of accessories so as to create a beautiful interior with a fluid feel to it whilst still maintaining the natural and carefree essence that makes it so vintage.


    The accessories are truly the stars when it comes to a shabby chic image, as the furniture, although exquisite and a show stopper in its own sense, is merely the canvas you use to throw your personality onto. Besides, it just wouldn’t work without them.

    Check out our homely signs with their friendly essence, bringing a relaxed casual feel you need to create an aged look. From the home of shabby chic accessories, Gisela Graham, they have exactly what we look for in a glue for your bigger pieces.

    It can become an extremely attractive force when you find the right colour combinations for your interior, but we encourage you to throw some cold water on yourself and resist! The shabby chic look is perfect when you have a little bit of asymmetry and imperfection, sticking to painted woods, as these are rustic, but varying the colour or texture of the accessories can boost your individuality.

    There’s a lot to say about shabby chic style, and we truly want to be your guide through it all, but as for now we will have to leave you with a few simple words on the accessory side of things. Believe us, we have much more to say! I suppose you have to take a lot of care to establish a casual look …

    Fern xx

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  • Summer Sale! In store now!

    As Summer comes and goes we’ve seen an impressive flow of accessories coming in and out of our doors, additionally we’ve picked up on your favourites! With the season coming to a close we’ve thrown together what we believe are some of your most loved pieces and a few newbies we’ve just had in store into a collection of discounted products to give you a last taste of Summer before Autumn kicks in and the hot chocolates come out.

    summer sale Summer Sale

    Come in store and browse our Summer sale, its sure to delay your winter blues!

    Fern xx

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