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  • Trends: The New Era of Upholstered Beds

    We have all seen the rise of the upholstered bed, like a good suit or a fancy car, it was not too long ago that these beds were almost exclusively available to the royal or the wildly rich. However, through increased demand and a much greater supply of quality furniture makers, they have become a luxury item like no other.

    With bespoke services and a range of frames and upholstery techniques, these beds have allowed people to transform the fit of their room, to add class or to mix up the interior’s dynamic completely. But where has this popularity came from? Why should we give up our flat pack lifestyle?

    Here’s where we show you!

    Fabric & Fashion

    The road of hand crafted beds is littered with beautiful examples to inspire the interior designer in you, here we will show you a few but mostly, explain why we love them so much and if you love them, what exactly you’re looking at.

    Our start point. It has to be the classic!

    We always back our star player, and in the role of upholstered beds, in rain or shine we come to our Sophia Button Upholstered French bed. Its clean, its crisp and its simple, it possesses the neutral colours that stops it from over powering if you aren’t one to dive in at the deep end. Also it boasts those classical carved features that give it such a beautiful shape to the body, all this compliments the simplistic, but a little more adventurous than plain, button upholstery.

    Sophia Upholstered bed

    Here the upholstery is key, it adds the texture and a homely feel to this piece as well as the ability to add an extra something with your own fabric!

    How to step it up. Material enlightenment!

    Taking a leap into the world of upholstered beds is not a risky one, there is a wide variety of pieces that astound you with how well they actual work. For example, if we delve slightly further into the luxurious appearance of these beds we can see such designs as our Cristal Silver Leaf bed.

    Cristal Upholstered bed

    The upholstery in this piece is less of a statement as it rivals the outstanding wonder of the body, exquisitely carved and finished in silver leaf and the upholstery simply compliments this with a subtle contrast in colour and texture.

    How to step it down. Comfort is key!

    The perfect blend of hand carved style and upholstery just to bring it all together is our Alexander Upholstered bed, it boasts a solid mahogany body that is a classical and faultless beauty on its own!

    Alexander Upholstered bed

    But with the added feature of a neutrally coloured upholstery it provides a sense of comfort and a luxurious feel to a timeless design.

    The Lame & The Plain

    We would never tell you that your solid mahogany Rococo bed is anything other than a marvel simply because it doesn’t include a material element, we will get into the beauty in the wood at a later time. However, it must be said that if you look at your bed and find its appearance a little … boring, you are probably looking at something without character.

    The search for a bed with character is a hard one and it goes hand in hand with your ideal bed, you could buy a solid gold, double king sized bed with a TV built in and it would catch a few eyes to say the least, but if it’s not for you then maybe have a rethink. We’re all looking for flare, but don’t discount your own taste!

    You may have to look high and low for this flare, but its wort it! A bed is a personal space, somewhere tailored to you and is very important to get right. Your perfect bed may well not be upholstered, it may not be carved, it may be a sleek modern design that simply meshes well with your personality and that in itself is the ideal flare and we applaud anyone who has found their dream bed and taken it home with them.

    Fern xx

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