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  • Trends: Our Creative Space

    Following the launch of our showroom we’ve had more room to flex our artistic muscles, we’ve subtly followed the more modern trends and peace inducing room layouts. There has been a lot of change in the accessories we put out, although we will always showcase the high quality Gisela Graham and East of India, we have been mixing colour schemes using floral displays and a few artistic pieces.

    Cown French Furniture

    New Trends

    We’re currently having the most fun with classical flower displays following the peacock colour scheme of purples, turquois, cobalt blue and vibrant greens which have made a stylish appearance in most homes this year. These have really brought out the more neutral colour schemes we have in our bedroom sets and splendidly given a bit more life to our dining tables, creating a homely environment.

    new cff trends Silver leaf bed set

    Our Mood Boards

    As we moved into our new showroom we realised the large space we had to create our displays and that we needed to make it feel personal in each bedroom set. Every collection is individual and we wanted to ensure that this came through in our layout, so we got to work on setting out each mini room with a sample interior for a few of our ranges. But it just wasn’t enough, the pieces all looked beautiful but it didn’t feel like a home, it needed a little extra.

    Trends, mood baord mood board

    This extra came in the form of accessories and our outstanding mood boards, accessories seem like such a small thing but they make a huge difference, it’s the little touches that make our showroom more than just a room of furniture but a place to find your new home and inspire people. The mood boards were a more innovative idea and have worked splendidly! By backing our room sets it brings the pieces together and gives the feel of a real bedroom which is what we strive for. Customers can truly get a feel for the quality of the pieces and how they work within a room, we count that as a big success!

    new trends Beaulieu dining

    Our Pride and Joy

    Keeping on top of the upcoming and “just in” style techniques is one of our team’s biggest challenges but also our favourite, the more we see in the world of fashion and interior design, the more we can help and support our customers. We have definitely developed and maintained a strong and reliable knowledge on not only the history and subtlety of our own furniture but also the world around it, what goes with each piece and why, how to pull together your interior with a few mild changes and how the depth of colour schemes can make or break your dream home.

    Fern xx

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