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  • New Showroom, We Have Arrived!


    After the long awaited move into our new premises, we are making the finishing touches to the store and fine tuning our new showroom. It’s been a slow progression from our exclusively online store into our first showroom, and now onto our latest venture!

    NG10 1LN!

    That’s our new post code by the way and it is right in the centre of the Long Eaton high street! Part of the rising outskirts of Nottingham and a bustling community we expect a lot of lively feet on the ground to welcome us into the more busy side of the neighbourhood. It may seem like we are making a big deal about this but anyone who has visited our old showroom will know that we were tight for space … additionally anyone who has visited our new showroom can vouch for how grand and open it is, we’re very excited to fill it with pieces!

    New CFF 1

    We would love to see fresh faces as well as familiar ones to take a look around, talk to our helpful team of staff or just poke your head in to see what all the fuss is about.

    New CFF 4

    We aim to utilise our new found floor space and turn our showroom into a complete browsing experience, giving people the option to wonder in and simply get a more in depth feel for the quality we offer.

    New CFF 2

    Also you may have noticed our Gisela Graham Accessories on most of our social media? That too is our way of welcoming window shoppers who want to pick up something a little more convenient to carry out.

    New CFF 3

    Send Offs

    Unfortunately this means saying goodbye to our old showroom, despite the smaller floor space we managed to make it work and tried hard to give our customers as much as we can in terms of a varied display range. Although it wasn’t as easy as it promises to be at our new home, it worked and we couldn’t be prouder of our time there, you will be missed Lawrence street but it’s time to move onwards and upwards.

    In Other News!

    In other news, we have some news! New pieces that is, nothing in the way of complete collections although they are exquisite and we believe they complement our catalogue perfectly. Below is our Venetian Black Velvet Dining Chair and our Versailles Gilt Curved French High Bed.

    Venetian Black Velvet Dining ChairVersailles Gilt Curved French Bed High End

    Both hand crafted and, we feel, front runners in class and sophistication. As always we encourage everyone to browse everything we have for offer, simply because we light up when we get a call from a new customer who knows what they want, and I highly believe you or one of our team can find something that will light the interior decorating fire within you.

    Fern xx at 40-46 High Street, Long Eaton, Nottingham

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