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  • Arrivals, Old & New

     New Arrivals

    We love updating our catalogue, we get to hand pick the perfect French style pieces to fit with the rest of our ranges and just some things we think you’ll like. Recently we have added several pieces to our Dorset range as well as giving our Giselle range a make-over, we are currently anticipating some new additions to our legendary Cristal range such as the upcoming dining table and complimenting sideboard.

     Upcoming Cristal Dining Table

    There’s something to look forward to! As for now, check out the new pieces in our already fresh faced Dorset range which feature metal work to add a little detailing in this subtle style.

     Dorset French Style Chair with Metal Back

    Another way to quench your furniture thirst is our Giselle range, recently revamped into a more traditional design which really shows off the flawless woodwork on these items and with unique and lovely upholstery to accentuate these designs it has really caught our eye and we hope it will do the same for you.

     Giselle Reclaimed Pine French Bedroom Chair


    Old Arrivals

    Having passed Easter and with Summer well on its way, we find a slow time in the year fit for Spring cleaning and a bit of a reshuffle. Dusting off old furniture can give us a fresh perspective on what has stood the course of time and remained stunning. Having done this at Crown French Furniture we’ve formed a bit of a top five of the pieces that have maintained their wow factor to this day, a bit of a top hits album for furniture.


    1. Louis French Buttoned Back Dining Chair

    Available in a range of vintage fabrics this upholstered wonder has held up as a fashionable dining chair ideal for a classy sophisticated ambience. Neutral and not overpowering it makes a perfect set of complimentary chairs to bring out the beauty in whatever centre piece you surround with them.

    Louis French Button Back Dining Chair

    1. Chatsworth Linen Armchair

    Standing as a strong competitor amongst our armchairs, this one offers a comfort not found in all of them and we think this is why its style has never wavered. Practicality is essential to a piece that is to outlast the competition and our linen armchair is exactly that, with comfort and a familiar button upholstery it had to make the list.

    Chatsworth Linen Amchair

    1. Cristal Silver Leaf Button Bed

    At first glance the silver leaf may seem extravagant but it has proved again and again that it is a unique but essential design, ever popular and truly individual it offers an eye-catching aesthetic that does not go over the top. It is tasteful and beautiful in its detailed carvings and upholstered delicately to ensure it has a homely touch amongst the more contemporary influences.

    Cristal Silver Leaf Bed

    1. Beaulieu French Dining Table and Chairs

    These pieces of antique white wooden furnishings are an absolute must have in French style and contemporary interiors alike, the basic design ensures they do not clash and the upholstery (in your choice of fabric) allows a personal touch to create flare or simply blend in with your colour scheme.

    Beaulieu French Dining Table and Chairs

    1. Sophia Button Upholstered French Bed

    Our front runner is our very own custom made French Sophia bed, as one of our best sellers and unique to our store we have had a stream of positive feedback about this piece and are extremely proud of it. It boasts traditional French design influences coupled with hand crafted Beech wood to create a chic and stylish silhouette. Additionally, we allow any number of individual fabrics to be used for the flawless button upholstery and over our time making it we have seen some outstanding success in people providing their own fabrics, churning out colour combinations we have been delightfully surprised by.

     Sophia French Style Bed Scene

    We hope you've enjoyed the run up to Easter and had a fabulous time, now that its passed, get your hands on something to clean and wait for Summer!

    Fern xx

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