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  • 29 Days of February

    The Leap Year

    Signifying another four trips around the Sun, the leap year balances the days and synchronizes us with our calendars again. Although it may not mean much to most people it says a lot about restarting, it takes us a little over 365 days to complete our journey and so we inevitably become out of time. Not unlike fashion, we eventually have to mix things up a bit. You can see where this is going…

    As far as mixing things up goes, contemporary furniture is an ideal design to include in your home, it possesses those familiar silhouettes we’ve come to love in French furniture however it exudes freshness and a new spin to excite the interior designer in everyone.

    There are plenty of “out-there” collections for those looking to turn a quaint bedroom into a slap in the face gallery of the niche, and although this is bound to leave a more permanent impression, we prefer a subtle approach.

    In the form of Dorset furniture, you can update your usual style with a more homely take on modern ideas. Comfortable seating and calming beiges make this range a slow transition into the contemporary and the most casual collection of ours, additionally the familiarity of these pieces allow them to be meshed into your current interior without having to strip your walls or change the carpets.

    Definitely worth looking at as it is fairly new to our catalogue and even if it is not to your taste, it will give you an insight into the contemporary designs coming up this year.

    The Language of Love

    Staying true to our influences from the city of love, we celebrate the amour that blossoms around the month of February and its continual strengthening through Saint Valentine’s Day. Although the gifts and flowers aspect originated on our doorstep in the UK, it was taken to with open arms by our friends across the channel and Parisian glamour has become a staple brand of this time of year.

    Saint Valentine’s Day is not for everyone but we here at Crown French Furniture gladly welcome any holiday that puts a few more smiles on our customers’ faces and we don’t judge those who wish to write it off completely.

    Indulging in the conventions of this holiday, we come bearing gifts! Nothing edible although you may want to sink your teeth into these holiday offers. Available now, our Valentine’s Day deal offers 10% off on our selected products until the 17th February 2016 when you enter discount code: LOVECROWN16

    Contemporary Valentine's Offer 2016

    This applies to the pieces we have deemed particularly romantic including our: Cristal French Silver Leaf Buttoned Bed, Set 4 Gold Stem Champagne Flutes, Roses Heart Mirror, Grey-Wash Round Metal Garden Dining Table, Lille Classic Sleigh Bedside Table with 3 Drawers and Versailles Gilt French Small Console Table. We would love to hear from you if you have any queries and hope you take advantage of our offer.

    Whether you’re waiting for Cupid’s arrow, spending the day with your special someone or catching up on that new series you’ve discovered on Netflix, we wish you the best of luck.

    Fern xx

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