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  • French Bedrooms & Heritage

    Ever wondered, why the fascination with French bedrooms?

    This question has some very deep roots, coming of course from French heritage.

    For centuries French bedrooms have often been labelled as a sanctuary. Somewhere you can relax and sleep with bliss. One of the most important rooms of the home, a retreat that calls for a little extra spending on key investment pieces; ornate beds, lush armoires, sumptuous dressing tables and luxe textiles such as cashmere for the finishing touches.

    French bedrooms

    Inspired by an Exquisite History

    Opulent themes look stunning in French bedrooms. Many pieces have been inspired by furniture and designs from Louis XIV's Château de Versailles, later transformed to become the striking  Palace of Versailles.

    King Louis XIV Portrait King Louis XIV  - Known as Louis the Great

    Reigning over France from 1643-1715 Louis became a world icon, a fashion fanatic on the largest scale.

    Palace of Versailles Garden Façade of the Palace of Versailles

    Many pieces of French furniture that you see today will have connections to this stunning place. Erected by Louis, this beautiful building was once a small Chateau, transformed into the heart of France and the centre of all political power from 1682-1789.

    With luxurious textiles, gleaming accessories, ornate furniture, gold and silver leaf embellishments, this stunning royal palace inspired many of the classical and timeless designs we still reproduce for French bedrooms today.

    Palace of Versailles Hall of Mirrors Grande Galerie - Hall of Mirrors

    French bedroom furniture such as Venetian mirrored glass, Versailles gold leaf,  Moulin Noir, Cristal Silver leaf and Chateau antique white collections offer a taste of the striking gleam of the Palace.

    French Bedrooms French Bedroom Furniture

    In terms of colour and design, we offer a fabulous variety of ways to make our bedroom furniture blend and match your existing interiors. Not all of us live in palaces (unfortunately) so we love pieces that have subtle traditional influences with a modern twist. Whether it's understated and subtle or brilliant and bold, we're sure we can find something that you'll love.

    Let us know...

    Are French bedrooms for you, have you added the French style look to your bedroom & do you prefer the subtle or bold look? Comment below and let us know!

    Fern xx

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  • Beautiful Giselle French Bedroom Furniture!

    It's been a while since my last blog post but I think you'll be impressed with the news that this one brings. Last week we officially added a new collection of French bedroom furniture to the website that we think you'll simply love.

    Giselle-Feature-Image Giselle French Bedroom Furniture

    An elegant and sophisticated range I adore. With subtle carved details and a brush stroke effect that brings a  traditional French feel to any room.

    This range has everybody talking, the finish quality and the elegant of every individual piece is truly phenomenal.

    Finished in the Farrow & Ball colour 'Off-White - No.3' this range is subtle and neutral meaning it can be jazzed up with all kinds of marvellous throws and cushions, giving you freedom to update your French bedroom furniture with latest trends and fashions without worrying about clashes.


    But if you're really particular the Giselle range can also be purchased in any other Farrow & Ball colour that you chose with only a small additional fee of +15% of the item price.  Use this gorgeous contemporary range to complete your dream home. Choose your colour, choose your theme.

    If your after a French bedroom collection with a contemporary twist, I'm sure this could be a range for you. Comprising wonderful bedroom furniture including beds, armoires, chests and dressing tables. The silver chrome drop down handles compliment this range, with a contemporary appeal to the traditional designs.

    Oozing quality some key pieces, such as bedside tables and chest are even fitted with glass inserts, protecting the beautiful hand-painted finish, allowing you to have your morning cup of tea in peace, without the worry of spillages and the risk of creating any unwanted stains on your gorgeous bedroom furniture.

    Giselle French Bedside Table with Glass Top Giselle French Bedside Table with Glass Top

    My personal favourite piece from the range is the Dressing table matched with the dressing table mirror and bedroom chair. To me, its the icing on the cake for my French bedroom. The finish and overall style is perfect and looks great alongside other pieces of French bedroom furniture.

    Giselle French Dressing Table Giselle French Dressing Table

    Availability on this range is extremely good, if the items you love are in stock, we can deliver them to you within 1-3 weeks!

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments and share this beautiful collection with your friends through social media.

    Mention this blog post when ordering over for a special discount (10% off when ordering 2+ products)

    Fern xx

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