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  • Light it up!

    Look out for our fabulous new range of lights and chandeliers! Ranging from black glass to gorgeous crystal clear designs, this collection is sure to offer something exquisite that will look stunning in French style bedrooms, classic living rooms or even contemporary orangeries and conservatories....

    black_shade_glass_chandelier smoked_glass_chandelier tiered_crystal_chandelier_contemporaryExquisite pieces, masterfully crafted to reflect light around the room while boasting an elegant and timeless appearance . Whether you're creating a grand entrance or simply want to add a little elegance to your bedroom, we have a plethora of designs suitable for a variety of spaces.

  • Hello Sunshine

    It's the hottest day of the year and we simply can't get enough of this glorious sun. Fresh juice in the garden, accompanied by a few snacks, this is the life...

    It's hotter than Rio this week with temperatures of around 35c so if you haven't already, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen for this weather and protect any pets from too much heat!


    Even bookmakers Coral have claimed that the chances of Wimbledon being the hottest tournament in history are currently 10-11.

    'We are seeing warm air coming over from Iberia,' says the Met Office's Dan Williams. 'As it circulates over France and Spain, it heats up a lot, so by the time it reaches the UK, it's very hot indeed.'

    The Daily Mail have also give a few useful and quirky ideas of how to stay cool in the sun including freezing your sheets, licking your wrists and have explained how to have a cooling shower (because a cold shower is actually not that cooling for your body in the long run).


    If you want to get out in the garden more often get your hands on some of our truly fabulous garden furniture for summer 2015 with our outdoor collection offering a unique mix of both modern and contemporary pieces, perfect for all gardens (ps, we also have ice buckets in our glassware section on our website so add one of those too).

    Have a great summer guys!

    Fern xx

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