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  • A New Look

    Our gorgeous NEW Beaulieu bed has just arrived in our showroom and we are truly in love with it.

    We have always said 'The perfect sanctuary of sleep begins with choosing the right bed' and as Tina Gaudoin pointed out in Elle Decoration mag "It's a given that most of us love being in bed." With the average person spending over a third of their life sleeping we could see the importance of creating a bed that will enrich this time.

    For many years people have been trying to create that gorgeous French boudoir and have been demanding a range of gold, silver, white, grey and many more finishes to give an uplifting yet subtle appeal to our traditional reproduced furniture.

    Our latest endeavour therefore lead us to design a bed which has been finished majestically in a glamorous antique gold paint. Exuding regal undertones of flamboyant Parisian razzle-dazzle.

    beaulieu_bed_1 edit - google plus

    A light distressing and a stunning light Velvet fabric enriches this masterpiece with elegance and sophistication.

    Contrasting to our standard Beaulieu collection which is finished in an off-white finish for a more contemporary and neutral appeal, the revisited gold Beaulieu bed holds a more traditional and tranquil ambience. beaulieu_french_bed_set_image_1

    We are aiming for the gold Beaulieu bed to be live on our website soon with a few professional photographs to capture the true beauty of the piece.

    But for now you can always check out our standard Beaulieu collection or enquire with our sales team to reserve one. -The Gold version will be the same price as the standard Beaulieu bed...

    We'd love to hear your thoughts so feel free to let us know your opinions by commenting on our blog or social media posts!

    Fern xx

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  • Mid-May Madness

    Hello! It's finally bank holiday weekend/ Monday and for once it's supposed to be good weather!!


    Some of our team will be taking small breaks over the week, I know one of my colleagues is planning on walking mount Snowdon in Wales, hopefully he'll take some photographs for us. A few close friends of ours will be at Radio 1's big weekend festival by now kick-starting their summer with a festival. Which reminds me Glastonbury festival is only around the corner.

    Back to reality a few of us are planning on seeing family and going out for meals while I know my main focus will be getting my home and garden up-to-date - I'm sure you know the drill, getting the spring cleaning finished and the plants planted in the garden until I'm satisfied and ready to start my summer with a friendly social gathering. If you have any plans feel free to comment by clicking on the blog and scrolling to the bottom.garden_glam

    If you are in my boat and need to sort out the garden (again this year) my tip is - even if you feel you need to start from scratch, it really isn't always as bad as you think. Sometimes all you need to do is refresh what you have to recapture that beautiful area you had when you first created it. A new coat of paint on the fences, decking and even the furniture can be enough to rejuvenate your garden. Also grab some floral cushions and a couple of throws to really glam it up a little!

    If you need any new garden accessories of furniture you can always check out our collection online:

    There are plenty of decorative items and stunning furniture to ensure your home has a fresh summer look...

    Have fun whatever you end up doing!

    Fern xx

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  • Team Outing

    This week our fabulous furniture fanatics have had a wonderful time attending a Houzz networking event. While learning about some very cool ways to market our products we were able to enjoy a variety of nibbles and drinks (including Prosecco!) while socialising with local businesses and getting to know about some great companies.

    Before the days of the widely used internet, networking events were widely used for getting the word out about businesses, and they certainly haven't lost their charm. It was truly wonderful treat to be able to mingle and have a few humble conversations about how to attract new customers and improve service.


    If you haven't already, check out our latest rococo collection of reproduction furniture here:

    Fern xx

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  • Bloom of the Month!

    A timeless range of stunning bedroom furniture, our latest rococo range offers beautiful carved 19th century style pieces inspired by the exquisite Parisian glamour. Radiating an opulent ambience, the collection features hand applied gold and silver leaf or is finished in a signature antique painted finish.

    Just in case you haven't seen it already - check out our sensational collections here:

    We have a plethora of bedroom furniture including beds, chests, bedside tables and dressing tables, perfect for creating your own French boudoir.

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