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  • Winter Additions!

    We're so exited to announce that our stunning Cristal French Silver leaf bed has just been made available in a super-king size!cristal_bedroom_main_1_lowres

    One of our favourites, the Cristal bed is constructed with a voguish velvet deep purple fabric with a winged back headboard. With a standard delivery between 1 & 3 weeks; you can snuggle up in this magnificent bed just in time for the frosty winter evenings.

    AYH003 MON002

    Additionally we have a magnificent collection of throws now available from our accessories section with modern chic as well as traditional designs available. Lush and soft, these throws are perfect; I just simply adore them! :))

    Fern xx

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  • Halloween

    Start preparing your costumes and jack-o-lanterns, Jack Skellington (aka the pumpkin images7539TGW0king) is about to embrace his favourite time of year. It's a really cool time of year with endless costume party's, trick-or-treating, bonfires and nightmarish tails all for my favourite holiday Halloween.

    Presentation1Stunning house decorations that look fantastic all year round...

    Check our fantastic collection of candles and accessories! Perfect for setting an eerie ambience.5055299470831_1-765x821

    Spooktacular Moulin Noir Collection - gothic and mysterious

    For a special treat this holiday come in to our showroom and see for yourself our collections of gothic and enigmatic pieces :))

    Fern xx

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