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  • New Sophia Bedroom Furniture

    We are so exited to announce that our most popular collection of furniture is expanding!

    Our incredible Sophia collection is constantly searching for new ways to impress with even more hand-made and beautiful designs of French furniture.

    And it certainly has! Our new additions to the Sophia family are absolutely magnificent, boasting gorgeous French details and stunning design ideas. Our new additions include a brand new Sophia wardrobe, with a full mirror-glazed door and a fantastic new upholstered bed with a low footboard.

    We look forward to having our new pieces displayed in our showroom soon, after the bed has finished being upholstered and are looking forward to showing them on our website for everybody ASAP!! :PShowroom 2

  • Crown French Furniture - Out and About

    The Crown French Furniture Team went to Screencity's network gathering on Tuesday evening at Hopkinson. There they met a group of representatives from various other companies and charities which are situated within Nottingham. It was really nice for the team to meet some lovely people and to hear what they had to offer. Hopkinson1

    Whilst they were there they has the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Drysdale also known as Miss Nottingham. The guys took great interest in The Barefoot Walk and shall hopefully be taking part this year! We are also considering the #Barefootselfie. Award winning Nottingham film maker Raj Pathak from We Are Heroes Films was also present at the meeting and we shall hopefully be in touch with him in the near feature!

    The Crown French guys said: "We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, it was really good to be given the opportunity to meet all the people that attended."

    Just in case you were wondering who Screencity were, they are a team which "promote the best Nottingham has to offer and help you showcase your business." And I add, they do a fabulous job of doing so. Hopkinson4

    A big thank you goes out to Screencity for our invitation and we hope to see you all again very soon!

    Fern xx


  • Upcycling!

    Upcycling is a way of repurposing old furniture in order to give it a second life and possibly even a new purpose. Upcycling comes with many benefits including, saving money, creating a sense of achievement and reducing your footprint through using less raw materials when old ones can be rejuvenated.

    Repurposing your old furniture can be easy, especially if the piece is finished in a raw wood. Never the less it is still simple even if the piece is painted. To reproduce a fantastic shabby chic painted item, simply follow these 5 steps:

    1. Sand the furniture to reduce the risk of varnish protecting the product from the new paint.
    2. Using a Satin paint for a matt finish, paint the furniture with a brush or a small roller for a hand painted appeal.
    3. Wait for the paint to dry completely before adding a second coat if needed until the furniture is the required colour.
    4. You can then add a shabby chic, distressed finish by gently sanding parts of the furniture that would typically be worn by wear-&-tear.
    5. Finish the piece with a varnish to protect the paint from chips.

    collargeIf you would like more tips on upcycling check out these links:

    Fern xx

  • Provincial French Furniture - Lyon

    At Crown French Furniture our service is based on being friendly and reliable to make our customers feel special when shopping with us. We believe that creating a good customer bond is essential in order to find the right furniture you desire, whether it is for a living room, dining room, bedroom or garden.

    Throughout our website we have a plethora of furniture that is made to match different designs and finishes. One of our most traditional French furniture ranges is the Lyon range, a provincial style furniture collection with many influences coming from French provinces such as Blois and Orleans in the Loire Valley and of course Lyon also known as Liége in the 17th-19th century. Although some places may not actually be part of France, they still remain within its cultural circle and have many French influences.


    A few features which are associated with French provincial furniture include Cabridle Legs and simple Scalloped Carvings, a couple of features to look out for when shopping for provincial French Furniture.

    Fern xx

  • Summer Sun!

    With summer finally here there is no better time to spend some quality moments with your family at the traditional British seaside. We all need a relaxing break throughout the year and summer is without doubt the perfect excuse with lots of sun and plenty of things to do. Be busy Bees during the day, but don't forget to wind down for a tranquil evening whilst watching the sun set at the beach.


    Alternatively if you're not away, then there is no better excuse for a little bit of shopping therapy! Take a trip away from work and the house for a glorious day shopping. We have many summer special offers on our website and our showroom has a variety of pieces on display. We have beautiful French style garden furniture and an impressive collection of contemporary wicker designs, ideal for any garden and for making the most of summers to come.

    Fern xx

  • Why choose our Sophia range?

    Our very own Sophia Collection is a brilliant example of opulent French style furniture. Complete with both dining and bedroom sets, exclusive to Crown French Furniture. If you're looking for true craftsmanship, then the Sophia collection is truly fantastic, exuding elegance with hand carvings completed by our professional carpenters; We take pride in being able to assure you that this collection is crafted so that it will last a life time.

    Bespoke! Our Sophia range is completely customisable, choose from a plethora of stunning paints with our best finishes coming from the Farrow and Ball chart. Emit your personality throughout your home with unique, personal designs that you love, with the added bonus of being able to repaint our furniture when you decide to redecorate.test - Copy - Copy Resize - Copy (800x702)

    If you have questions about designing a new piece of furniture for your home, our in house sales team are always happy to help.

    Give them a call: 0115 849 7579 | Send an email:

    Fern xx

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